Chapter 351.1

Chapter 351: Death (Part One)

At this moment, the old man of the Ye Family looked very pitiful . His hair was all messy and he was covered in dirt from lying on the ground . His face was already old and wrinkly, and he looked even older after the fight . Not just him, everyone in the Ye Manor looked pretty embarrassed and pitiful in the eyes of this sudden trespasser .

There was blood and dead bodies everywhere!

Xu Cheng stood at the center of everyone in the courtyard . A batch of guards stood around the chief, while the others surrounded Xu Cheng . But no one dared to move up .

“Originally, I didn’t plan to hurt you guys . I thought it was possible that the Ye Family couldn’t intervene in my dad’s death because of the Ryong Family . I thought that the Ye Family also did what it did involuntarily and didn’t have a better option, but now I know that you guys forced a loving couple to death just to save face! Today, you guys also fought me for your reputation, even wanting to kill me . When you guys see me, instead of being happy to find a relative, I remind you of the event back in the day that embarrassed the family name! Is this the level of family love and unity that a behemoth family had developed over thousands of years?”

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled in disappointment . “I’m really lucky that I didn’t become a member of the Ye Family . If it isn’t because you guys are Ye Ruanshu’s blood, I would’ve set the place on fire and killed everyone already! I will send this bulls—t feudal system to hell!”

After speaking, he stumbled as he walked over to Ye Ruanshu’s side and helped her up . Lan Ting also came to help Ye Ruanshu help as she broke into tears of happiness . “Madam, you can finally come out now!”

But at this moment, Ye Ruanshu looked at Xu Cheng and bitterly smiled . “Cheng’er, Mom is sorry for everything that happened to you over the years, Mom…”

“Alright, you can continue after we leave this place . I’m bringing you to my dad’s grave . ” Xu Cheng couldn’t accept Ye Ruanshu right away . After all, it had been 20 years, and he obviously couldn’t take this all in right away .

Then, Xu Cheng led her and Lan Ting out of the courtyard . Ye Ruanshu kept on looking at Xu Cheng with a complicated expression .

Just then, a voice floated over . “Brat, you can stay here, just like your father!”

They just saw a guy jumping off from the high wall of the courtyard, revealing himself to be the old man of the Ryong Family, the former chief of the family . At that instant, Xu Cheng already lowered his guard nor did he have any energy to keep his nerves all tensed up . He didn’t expect . a sneak attack from a master .

Seeing the old man of the Ryong Family’s blade stabbing towards Xu Cheng’s neck, Ye Ruanshu immediately pushed Xu Cheng out of the way from behind .

“Cheng’er, careful!”

Xu Cheng just felt a gust of wind from behind, and when he turned around, he only saw his mother already shielding him . That blade had penetrated her body . Ye Ruanshu coughed up a mouthful of blood, her face pale as she slowly fell to the ground .

Xu Cheng’s eyes widened as he felt the world stopped at that instant . He immediately caught his mother before she fell .

“Madam!” Lan Ting’s eyes widened as she shouted in panic .

Seeing that he didn’t kill Xu Cheng because the blade was blocked by Ye Ruanshu, the old man of the Ryong Family said in a deep voice with a grim look, “Go and accompany my son!”

Veins popped up on Xu Cheng’s face as his whole body began to tremble .

At last, with a long roar…


Tears began streaming down his face as he landed a heavy kick right on the old man of the Ryong Family, sending him flying!


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