Chapter 351.2

Chapter 351: Death (Part Two)

He shouted from the top of his lungs as he carefully held Ye Ruanshu in his embrace .

With the blade fully going through her body, Ye Ruanshu felt something sweet in her throat as blood kept on gushing out . Her slim hand trembled as it slowly raised to gently touch Xu Cheng’s face . Her face was pale, yet she had a happy yet difficult smile on it as she quietly said, “Cheng’er… I didn’t… think us mother and son would meet at a situation like this… You are really like your father… Very brave… Mom is very happy… that I could still see my son… in this lifetime!”

“Just stop talking already, hold on, don’t die! You can’t die!” Tears rolled down uncontrollably as he anxiously said and he began shouting to Lan Ting, “Hurry! First aid kit! Get the first aid kit! Call the ambulance! Hurry!”

Lan Ting immediately nodded . She also lost her mind for a second there as she stumbled up and ran into the yard to grab the first aid .

Ye Ruanshu touched Xu Cheng’s cheeks and looked at him as she said, “Let Mom… take a good look at you, my son . ”

Xu Cheng had his head down as he continued to cry . The tears all dropped onto Ye Ruanshu’s face .

Ye Ruanshu’s body suddenly began shivering, as if struggling with the call of death .

Xu Cheng immediately hugged her tighter .

“Don’t die! Nothing will happen to you!” Xu Cheng didn’t know what to do as he looked at the heavens and the earth, his vision beginning to lose focus as well .

Ye Ruanshu opened her eyes again and she gracefully smiled . She said, at a volume only Xu Cheng was able to hear, “Mom wants to hear you call me Mom one more time…”

“Mom! You will be fine! I still have to bring you to see your daughter-in-law, she said, she wants me to bring you to see her! Mom, just hang on! Did you hear that? Don’t close your eyes! Dad’s already gone, I only have you left! Mom! You can’t die, do you hear that?! You didn’t even take care of me at all this life, you need to make up to me, you know that?” Xu Cheng’s voice began to break with all the tears as he cried from the top of his lungs .

“I’m really happy… my son… he’s even stronger than his dad!” Ye Ruanshu coughed up more blood, and he smiled happily as she said, “Now I can… finally go and see Zhenxiong…”

Then, Ye Ruanshu tightly grabbed onto Xu Cheng’s hand, very tightly, but it softened before Xu Cheng could grab back . Then, that arm suddenly slipped back down, and there was no longer a heartbeat…

The whole yard was in dead silence, and the fallen leaves were blown to the side by the wind .

Xu Cheng’s body trembled . He picked up Ye Ruanshu’s hand that fell back onto his face, and with tears continuing to stream down his cheeks, he tightly hugged his mother .

When Lan Ting came back and saw her madam already not breathing, she immediately fell to her knees with a blank expression as tears began rushing out .


Xu Cheng buried his head into his mom’s hair… He still hadn’t been able to experience the love from his mother and to reciprocate it, and all that kept echoing in his brain was a saying, “Which parent under the heavens doesn’t love their child…”

Finally, in the courtyard of falling yellow leaves, they only heard Xu Cheng’s cry towards the sky, “Mom—–!”

His eyes were bloodshot, his expression blank and his eyes had no focus . But, his eyes locked onto the old man of the Ryong Family in front of him . On his face, one could feel that his heart was dead as he faintly said, “Auntie Lan, hold onto my mom for me . ”

Lan Ting cried as she crawled over and held onto Ye Ruanshu’s dead body . He stood up with no emotion on his face .

It was dead silent in all directions .

He slowly walked towards the old man of the Ye Family who hadn’t been able to get up . He subconsciously picked up the blade on the floor . With the edge dragging on the ground, he slowly walked towards him .

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