Chapter 352.2

Chapter 352: Brutal (Part Two)

Xu Cheng lifted his foot and brutally sent two people flying . Then, he reached out and grabbed the other one by the neck, and after applying more force, the neck was broken on the spot . Then, tossing that guy to the side, he raised his blade and charged forward . Before two people that came after him could even see the track of the blade, their head was already off of their bodies .

Seeing this whole scene, Lan Ting was terrified and shocked, but she didn’t say anything to stop Xu Cheng .

Outside of the courtyard, the four aces and the Division Master looked from afar . Bei Shan asked, not able to comprehend, “I can feel our junior brother’s pain . Division Master, since we already know that the Ryong Family’s old man’s coming, why didn’t we strike?”

That man in the golden joker mask looked into the distance at the fight and sighed, “It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but we can’t! Before we can confirm whether Little Two really wants to eliminate the Ye Family or not, we cannot expose ourselves at all! The moment we show ourselves, it means we have to eliminate them all and eradicate all their roots . But, would Little Two really want to wipe out the whole Ye Family? Before we can be sure about his decision, we can’t join the battle . ” After a long sigh, he continued, “No one’s perfect . Maybe a death in her son’s arms was the best ending for her . To her, death might be a relief from her suffering . For all these years, the only thing she couldn’t let go of was the thought of her son . Now that she had seen him, her soul can finally rest in peace . ”

Upon saying this, the division master began violently coughing .

Bei Shan patted him on the back, and the division master raised his hand, gesturing that he was fine . But, no one saw that there was blood in his fist when he covered his mouth to cough . Luckily, it was well hidden by his clenched fist .

The Ace of Spades continued the topic, “It seems like the Ye Family really hurt Little Two this time . His mother’s death has already made him lose his sanity . ”

The Ace of Clovers echoed, “Master, can we move in now?”

Looking at the Xu Cheng in the courtyard killing people like their lives were as worthless as weeds, he sighed, “Let’s go . ”

The Ace of Spades waved forward, and over 40 Dragon Blades quietly emerged from the forest and made their way into the Ye Manor .

Xu Cheng’s eyes were already red from killing too many . Almost all of the masters of the second generation of the Ye Family either had their hands or feet chopped off . The old man of the Ryong Family saw that the situation was not looking good and prepared to leave . But, Xu Cheng’s whole brain was completely locked onto him all this time . Just when he turned around and wanted to run, a blade was thrown right in his direction .

The old man had very quick reflexes . With a side-step, the blade flew right past his face . The gust of wind carried by the blade still left a cut on his face before the blade deeply cemented itself into a thick wall . The old man of the Ryong Family jumped onto the blade and used it as a stepping stone to go up higher on the wall .

He was fast, but Xu Cheng was a lot faster . His cat-like explosive force allowed him to propel himself right after him . He grabbed onto the old man’s ankle and brutally pulled him out of the air and fiercely smacked him to the ground .


The old man coughed up blood upon impact, and Xu Cheng’s foot was on his leg before he could react .


“AHH!” The old man of the Ryong Family cried miserably, and his entire kneecap was shattered by Xu Cheng!

“Keep running!” Xu Cheng’s face was expressionless and cold as he faintly said . Then, he stepped onto the other knee .


The Ryong Family’s old man trembled as he touched his legs . He felt that he was losing sensation of his legs, and his originally old body felt even more decadent .

He fought back with all the energy he had left as he threw a punch towards Xu Cheng . Xu Cheng grabbed onto his hand, and the internal forces of the two violently collided .

The old man’s body trembled as he concentrated all of his internal energy into his hand, but he quickly noticed that Xu Cheng was like a bottomless black hole . No matter how strong he was, Xu Cheng would always be able to devour his force . A hint of grimness appeared on Xu Cheng’s face, and finally, with a loud roar and a brutal pull, he broke the old man’s arm!


Just as the old man was about to shout in pain again, Xu Cheng suddenly grabbed onto his throat, not even allowing him to make a sound .

“Do you even deserve to voice your pain?” Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes and demanded with a hoarse voice .

Then, he ripped off the other arm .

The veins on the old man’s neck and forehead were all popping out, and he instinctively wanted to shout in pain, but he couldn’t at all with his neck gripped by Xu Cheng’s hand . His entire neck and face began to turn red with the trapped blood flow and then purple and then black .

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