Chapter 359.2

Chapter 359: Your Eating Manner’s So Ugly (Part Two)

The five of them directly struck at once .

Inside the manor, someone called their old man .

Seeing his anxious look, the steward asked, “What’s wrong?”

The guy that was calling frowned . “What the hell? The number isn’t in service, and the call can’t get through… But we have strong signal here…”

– Yanjing –

At Zhang Chenfeng’s house, no one noticed that there was a signal jammer set up on the roof .

Inside the house, the old men of the Li and Murong Families were at a critical point in their chess match against Zhang Chenfeng . Originally, the old man of the Li Family could’ve directly check mated Zhang Chenfeng, but he wasn’t in a hurry as he gently said, “Let me give you a chance to take back one move . ”

Zhang Chenfeng knew he was about to lose, and he smiled . “Why?”

The old man of the Murong Family said, “It’s also giving everyone a chance, right?”

The old man of the Li Family nodded and poured Zhang Chenfeng a cup of tea and said, “In fact, we don’t need to have this conflict right?”

Zhang Chenfeng smiled and nodded . After taking a sip of the tea, he said, “There are many behemoth families, far more than just the four of you guys, but why are you two so quick to jump out when something happened to the Ye and Ryong Families? You guys should know very well why the other behemoth families are fine . ”

He pointed at the chess pieces the old man of the Li Family ate from his side and said, “You guys took down the rook, the cannon, the horse, and the bishop . Do you know what that means? It means you guys want to control the country and be above everyone else! Do you guys want to own this country too? Why reach your hands this far? You guys have the cannons and rooks and knights, you want to start a war? And you want to control the ‘bishop’ too? It can only be said that you guys are too ambitious . You tell me yourself, why are the other behemoth families fine, but the four of your families are going to be finished?”

The Li and Murong families’ old men were furious from embarrassment when Zhang Chenfeng called them out for what they were trying to do, and they narrowed their eyes and said, “So that’s why we are here to visit you . Just what needs to be done for everyone to be happy?”

Zhang Chenfeng said, “Spit out what you guys ate, and go live your own lives . Isn’t it already enough to be incredibly wealthy? In fact, I know why it was just you four families that jumped out . It’s because in the past, businessmen had no influence or status and everything was controlled by the ruling dynasty . With the societal structure back then, you couldn’t go against the royalty and those in power no matter how much money you had . However, now that the country went through the revolution, everything works through capitalism now, so you guys had been expanding nonstop, using the wealth that you have accumulated over thousands of years to buy people to work for you . You guys feel that your time has come, presenting your descendants with status and opportunities . But what I want to say is, it’s not suitable for a feudal society to exist in this era anymore . ”

The Li and Murong families’ old men heard this and simply checked mate . “Since there’s nothing to say, then check mate!”

Zhang Chenfeng directly pushed that piece aside and shamelessly said, “You guys were playing 2-against-1, it doesn’t count . Let’s go again, and this time, only one can play and the other one will have to be quiet . ”

The two old men looked at Zhang Chenfeng seriously and said, “You don’t have much time left anyways, why not just let us off the hook?”

Zhang Chenfeng bitterly smiled . “If I do, then those 50 or so children of mine will all die . So, I have no choice . ”


The Li Family’s old man directly lifted the table, and Zhang Chenfeng leapt back and dodged those two’s attack . The Ace of Spades went out to handle the guards outside .

“Zhang Chenfeng, since you don’t want to live a peaceful life, we will grant your wish!” The old man of the Murong Family shouted, and the two of them immediately jumped onto the roof of the house with Zhang Chenfeng .

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