Chapter 360.1

Chapter 360: Let’s Just Die Together! (Part One)

The three old masters jumped onto the roof to have their battle .

The Ace of Spades immediately unsheathed his daggers from his sleeves and rushed out . Before the two guards at the door could react, he had already slit the throat of one and stabbed the heart of the other . Then, he engaged in a fight with the four guards outside waiting by the car .

The Li and Murong Family’s old men were extremely fast . Before the three of them even landed on the roof, they already struck out at least 50 times, but they were all deflected by Zhang Chenfeng .

From the roof back down to the courtyard, when the three old men landed, Zhang Chenfeng fended off the other two old men . He withdrew his hands in his white tunic suit, and like a grandmaster, he looked at the other two and smiled . “It’s been over a couple dozens of years . Although I’ve aged, you really think you two can take me on?”

The old man of the Li Family snorted, “If you don’t die, the world won’t be peaceful . ”

Zhang Chenfeng: “Over these years, if it wasn’t for me, your four families probably would’ve already tried to cause chaos in the nation . Back then, I had already taken down a behemoth family that tried to overthrow the people’s government and establish a new dynasty, and today, before I die, I’m dragging you garbage down with me!”

Then, with his feet moving at a speed that couldn’t be caught by the naked eye, he immediately arrived before those two old men . The three of them began fighting again .

At the same time, there was also another battle taking place at the Murong Family’s territory . The six guest masters were engaged in a fight against Xu Cheng .

The guards circled around Xu Cheng to prevent him from escaping .

Those six guest masters seemed to have great synergy, and their punches and kicks synchronized with each other really well . They wouldn’t go in one after another but rather at the same time . They knew that with high speed, a person would be able to handle multiple opponents . However, with the six of them and 12 hands together, even if Xu Cheng was twice as fast as them, he could at most stop the attack of 4 hands, or at most 6, which meant that at least 6 punches would land for sure!

Then, if this dragged on, no matter how powerful, even a master would get tired . The time of death would be the time his energy gets depleted and his mind loses focus .

However, it seemed like they underestimated Xu Cheng .

He was indeed only able to block the attacks from 6 hands and he took 6 hits on his back and chest .

However, as those guest masters watched, nothing really happened when their attacks landed .

Xu Cheng gritted his teeth and took the hits . Suddenly, he raised his head, revealing a smile of disdain . “Are there anymore hidden masters? Just send them all out!”

Then, sending a tremor from his body, those six people were directly sent back a few steps, centering from Xu Cheng .

Xu Cheng seized this opportunity and immediately attacked the guest master that was closest to him . His opponent was able to take 3 of Xu Cheng’s attacks, but Xu Cheng then jumped high into the air and smacked down . His opponent had no choice but to raise his two hands above his head to block . After all, Xu Cheng’s attacks were too streamlined, leaving him no time to dodge at all .

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