Chapter 369.2

Chapter 369: Assessment with One Move (Part Two)

Just how powerful could one strike from the weakest member of the 54 cards be? Not to mention taking one strike, wouldn’t it be normal if they could go several rounds? After all, they weren’t that weak, right?

The trainees were all overjoyed, fantasizing that they could now all be qualified to join the ranking .

But then, the 54 cards were only missing 10 or so cards, and there are 28 of them here, so the competition was still fierce .

Immediately, others stood up at the same time . “Let me!”

“Let me!”

“Let me!”

Xu Cheng obviously knew that these guys were simple, and he could only smile bitterly .

The 7 of Diamonds and Bei Shan were also very speechless .

Xu Cheng said, “Alright, don’t fight over it, one at a time . ”

Just then, someone who was worried about being last raised his hand and said, “Senior Brother 2 of Diamonds, you are not being fair like this . Luo Yi and Li Wei are your bros, it wouldn’t be fair if you give them a chance first . ”

Luo Yi and Li Wei also thought it might not be fair, so not wanting to put Xu Cheng in a difficult situation, they said, “No worries, you guys go first . ”

Luo Yi and Li Wei sat back down .

Xu Cheng randomly picked one, and that guy got up and walked to Xu Cheng . “Senior Brother 2 of Diamonds, thank you for the opportunity!”

Xu Cheng nodded . “Are you ready?”

That trainee nodded and stared right at Xu Cheng . But, before he could even finish taking in his first breath, he just felt a gust of wind . A shadow came forward, and he just felt his abdomen being punched as if a car going 180 km per hour just hit him .

He just flew over the heads of the other trainees, drawing a beautiful arc in the air .


He landed and fainted .

Silence .

Dead Silence!

Everyone’s eyes and mouths were wide open, looking at Xu Cheng and then at the trainee that flew over them . They all began wondering whether this was real or not . They didn’t even see what Xu Cheng did and that trainee was already far gone .

Xu Cheng used his Shadow Fist, and his intent was very simple . Back then, the old man tested other Dragon Blades with Shadow Fist too . As a Sky King, Bei Shan was only able to see 3 to 5 moves . So, if these newbies could see through one of his moves, then they were indeed qualified to join the Dragon Division .

In the silent atmosphere, Xu Cheng calmly withdrew his fist and faintly said, “Next . ”

Unlike before when everyone was eager to take a shot, these trainees became more cautious .

They all looked at each other, feeling a bit awkward, especially those few that were standing up and yelling “let me . ” Many others were actually looking at them and making fun of them . Finally, one of them couldn’t take it anymore, and he stood up and walked over, “Senior Brother, let me . ”

Xu Cheng was too lazy to even nod . He suddenly struck, very quickly and abruptly .

That trainee’s pupils slightly enlarged . It wasn’t because he saw the attack coming or was about to defend, but he noticed that he was already in the air .

Ah .


Another guy was on the ground, groaning .

“Next . ”

Luo Yi and Li Wei all swallowed their spittle . Luo Yi got closer to Li Wei, looked at Xu Cheng in disbelief, and whispered, “Holy fack, is that still the Big Brother Cheng we knew?”

Li Wei nodded . “He’s a lot stronger now, and I can’t see through him . Did you see him attack just now?”

Luo Yi: “It was too sudden, maybe it’s because I don’t have a good angle . ”

Li Wei: “Is the 2 of Diamonds already this strong?”

At that moment, another trainee that claimed to be one of the strongest among the batch took a deep breath and walked up to Xu Cheng, “Senior Brother, I want to give it a try . ”

(TL Note: Guess how far this one’s flying)

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