Chapter 370.2

Chapter 370: I Will Introduce Someone to You (Part Two)

Xu Cheng nodded and didn’t say anything . After taking the elevator up to the ground floor, he and Bei Shan went separate ways .

After exiting the underground factory and getting signal on his phone, he received calls from Ye Xiu and the others of the Top Special Forces Club . He had to stay in Yan Jing for the next little while to deal with Little Joker’s arrival, so he accepted their invitation and asked, “Where to?“

Ye Xiu laughed and said, “You don’t have a car in Yanjing right? I will come and pick you up . Where are you?”

Xu Cheng: “Come to the Major Psychiatric Hospital of Yanjing in the rural area . ”

Ye Xiu: “What are you doing over there?”

Xu Cheng: “Seeing a doctor . ”

Ye Xiu was speechless . “Yeah, about time, you facking monster! Now we are even scared of being your friend because you make us look so useless . Your video from that day of you catching bullets with your bare-hands has driven many people insane . ”

Xu Cheng: “Then why are you still asking me out on a date?”

Ye Xiu: “Why not, we already showed off your story to our friends, obviously we have to drag you out to our show-and-tell . Alright, I will be right there . ”

The call ended, and in just a minute, a Range Rover stopped beside him . Ye Xiu’s handsome face with sunglasses showed up and he pushed open the passenger seat from inside . “Get in . ”

After Xu Cheng got in, Ye Xiu drove off and didn’t forget to ask, “Do you really have mental issues?”

Xu Cheng took out his certificate and said, “Yeah, take a look . So as a reminder for the future, don’t provoke me . ”

Ye Xiu laughed . “Who actually dares to provoke you now?”

Xu Cheng took out a cig from his pocket . His addiction began acting up again, and after taking a huff, he asked, “Why are you looking for me?”

“Can’t I look for you if I don’t have a reason?” Ye Xiu rolled his eyes . “You came to Yan Jing, and as the host, we obviously have to put up a few tables of decent food . I will take you to meet a few of our brothers, all born in military families . “

”Not interested . ” Xu Cheng was pretty direct .

Ye Xiu laughed . He wasn’t angered by Xu Cheng’s attitude at all . “You may not be interested, but you have to think for your wife, right? She’s a celebrity, she will inevitably run into some trouble, and you expanding your network will actually be helping her . It won’t cost you anything, why does it feel like you are going to die if you get to meet a few new guys? Besides, if it wasn’t because you are very capable, those people wouldn’t even want to let me connect you guys . ”

Xu Cheng took another puff of his cigarette, turned to Ye Xiu, and said with a bit of suspicion, “You boasted too much, right?”

Ye Xiu laughed awkwardly and didn’t dare to look at Xu Cheng . “Alright, it was my bad . You also know my background, I’m pretty picky with who I hang out with and I’m always with those young masters from military families . We always talk about military stuff and spar whenever we have time . That day, I drank a bit too much and mentioned you . I kinda blew you out of proportion, and those guys weren’t convinced and insisted on meeting you . You know, those guys actually don’t need to go to competitions because they don’t need it to advance further in their career . In fact, there were a lot of elites that weren’t there at the competition that were from big military families . ”

Xu Cheng wasn’t surprised by that . He bitterly smiled . “Looks like those people are also no simple characters . ”

Ye Xiu said nonchalantly, “No sh-t, you think the people I introduce to you will be simple?”

Xu Cheng looked at him oddly and asked, “Do you get bullied by them a lot? Or else why would you boast about me?”

Ye Xiu coughed .

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