Chapter 371.1: 371.1

Chapter 371: Going to Teach Them a Life Lesson (Part One)

Ye Xiu introduced to Xu Cheng, “This is the base camp of our club . In the future, you can just come here and spend the night whenever you want, all expenses covered . If you feel like any area is lacking, just give me a call . ”

At the door, Wang An had been waiting for a long time . Seeing that Ye Xiu actually got Xu Cheng to come over, he was a bit surprised .

“Holy crap, you were actually in Yanjing?” Wang An asked Xu Cheng .

Xu Cheng: “Yeah, it wasn’t convenient for me to take calls earlier . What happened?”

Ye Xiu cursed and asked Wang An, “I facking brought him here, where are those guys?”

Wang An said in an odd tone, “They are inside . They said that if you don’t come back soon, they would smash this place . ”

Ye Xiu gestured with his mouth . “Let’s go!”

Then, he dragged Xu Cheng into the club .

The three of them arrived at a bowling room, and they saw 5 or so burly guys bowling there . Seeing that Ye Xiu was back, they immediately said mockingly, “Old Ye, if you came up any later, I probably would’ve already gotten someone to come and trash this place . ”

Xu Cheng asked curiously, “Why trash this place?”

Ye Xiu snorted . “Our Special Forces Club couldn’t compete with the Princelings Club (TL Note: descendants of prominent and influential senior communist officials in China) and they think we lost face for the military people . These guys want to rebel and replace us, so they tried to bribe our people to go join them and start up a new club so they could compete better with the Princelings under better leadership . However, our existence made them feel that we are not united enough if the military has two separate clubs, so they think only one should continue to operate from now on . ”

Xu Cheng asked Ye Xiu: “They are here to close us down?”

Ye Xiu nodded . “Yeah, you didn’t notice that I was blowing up your phone with countless calls? Now, you are the only card left for our club . If you win, these guys will willingly be integrated into our club, so our two groups will merge into one . But if you lose, we will be replaced, and our rankings will also be reassigned . In the future, the club’s member treatment rules will also be re-established, but everything will be centered around them . ”

Xu Cheng nodded .

Ye Xiu walked over to those guys that were bowling and said, “Let me introduce to you guys, this is the nominal president of our Top Special Forces club, Xu Cheng . ”

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The guy with a buzz cut was too lazy to even look up at Ye Xiu and the others . He was playing on his phone, and when he heard the name “Xu Cheng”, he looked up and glanced at him, asking in disdain . “So this is that powerhouse you were boasting about that day? The guy that you said not even 10 of your top guys could handle at once?”

His companions laughed sneerfully . “Just listen to him boast . His club doesn’t have anyone good anyways, how good would 10 pieces of garbage added together be?’’

He looked at Ye Xiu and said, “Old Ye, don’t blame us for this . We all grew up together, and over the years, you said you wanted to start a club and we let you, but what were you doing? You allowed all kinds of people to join, and it let people think that any cat or dog can just join in and leech off of us . Since we can’t reach an agreement on how to run his thing, we can only handle it like men . You think your guys are capable, then bring them out, and let’s have some fun . Whoever loses will give up their management rights . This sounds fair, right?”

Ye Xiu nodded . “Yes, but you wanted to kick out the brothers from grassroot origins . That, I cannot agree with . ”

The guys on the other side replied, “We have no option . If you don’t filter out the quality of people in this circle, how are we going to compete with the princelings?”

Ye Xiu: “As long as they have the capabilities, it’s enough . Why care about their background? You think that the Princeling Club doesn’t have any garbage? They are filled with people that can only think with the lower half of their bodies . We are already a lot better in comparison . ”

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