Chapter 371.2: 371.2

Chapter 371: Going to Teach Them a Life Lesson (Part Two)

“Have the capabilities? From the ones you recruited, only Bagh is alright . What capabilities do the others have? Just kick them out already, what’s the use of keeping them?”

The guy with the buzz cut was out of patience . “Alright, why waste time? Just play with the old rules, have a fight, and the winner does whatever they want . Why spend time on words?”

At that moment, Xu Cheng stood out and asked, “What did grassroots do to you?”

“Bro, it’s not that we just look down on grassroots . However, for those like you who actually think you are some important character and rub off the glow of the club, that’s what we are disgusted by,” the other side lifted his brows and said .

Ye Xiu was getting slightly angered . “Old Zhou, careful with your words . ”

That guy nicknamed Old Zhou directly snorted, “I know he’s also a grassroot, the champion of this year’s competition, named Xu Cheng, right? As a favor for you, Old Ye, Bagh and him can stay, but the other guys have to be reassessed . How about that?’

Xu Cheng sneered, “Is this the so-called club that’s most united?” (TL Note: when Ye Xiu introduced this club to Xu Cheng earlier, he said the Special Forces club was the most united in comparison to other clubs)

Then, he turned around and left .

Ye Xiu and Wang An directly walked over, pulled him back, and said, “Old Xu, what are you doing?”

Xu Cheng: “You don’t know that I hate this kind of class discrimination the most?

Ye Xiu: “I hate it too, and that’s why I told you to come over . Look over there where Bagh is . ”

Not far away, Bagh was standing with 30 or so club members .

“What happened to them?” Xu Cheng curiously asked .

Ye Xiu sighed . “If our club really gets replaced this time, most of those bros that come from grassroots like you will have to leave . Although we wouldn’t be affected much, it would be a day and night difference to their lives . They still need the club to expand their network, and that way, they can still stay in the city and get a decent job after they retire . If they don’t have the support of this club, most of them will probably have to go back to their farms after they retire or whatever lives they lived before joining the military . Bagh’s fine, I’m not worried about him, but what would happen to those behind him that aren’t as outstanding?”

Wang An nodded . “Bagh isn’t qualified in those people’s eyes to talk to them, and that’s why I called you over . Just teach those people a lesson like you did in Britain . ”

He then gestured with his mouth at those people behind them, “Teach them a life lesson . ”

Xu Cheng looked at those people standing with Bagh, and after a long sigh, he said, “You guys really think I’m a professor now?”

Ye Xiu laughed . “Yeah, pretty much . ”

Originally, Xu Cheng didn’t want to make a big fuss out of it, but when he saw those rising rookies from the military that came from grassroots just like him and how no matter how hard they worked in the military, no one would pave the road for them for them after they retire, he had no choice but to agree .

Xu Cheng nodded . He turned around and walked back to those guys and said, “You guys want to replace the management here, right?”

Sensing a change in tone in Xu Cheng’s tone, that group of 6 all turned over to look at him with interest . They lifted their eyebrows and said, “You got a problem?”

Xu Cheng didn’t talk . He walked up to them, and he suddenly smashed down on the corner of a pool table beside them, breaking it off . He provocatively said, “I’d like to see you try . ”

The buzz-cut dude on his phone looked at Ye Xiu and asked, “So we are doing the old rules?”

Ye Xiu nodded . “Win this big bro, and we will combine with you with you taking over as management . If you can’t win, then you guys join and then follow our rules!”

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