Chapter 373.2: 373.2

Chapter 373: Thank You for Helping me Remember the Joy of Childhood (Part Two)

Those five guys were directly kicked out of the ring, and they all landed one on top of another, onto Old Zhou who still wasn’t able to get up .

Old Zhou almost puked out a mouthful of blood .

He was already in a ton of pain, yet when he was getting piled on by his own bros, he felt like his sh-t almost got squeezed out of him .

Old Zhou finally passed out, and the other five all got up one after another, wanting to go back and fight . However, just as they got up, they felt pain in every inch of their body . They looked at each other, none of them could tolerate this kind of humiliation .

This was too insulting, even more shameful than the verbal abuse earlier!


They had to at least put Xu Cheng onto the ground too!

The five of them climbed back into the ring, and Xu Cheng was leaning against a corner and smoking . Looking up, he saw the five of them all staring at him in anger . Although they looked furious, they didn’t seem to be in a hurry to charge over .

Xu Cheng put out the cigarette and said, “I won’t attack anymore, how about you guys come over and attack me?”

One of them became infuriated out of embarrassment and he charged straight at Xu Cheng, raising his fist . Xu Cheng also threw a punch forward in response .

The moment that guy’s fist touched Xu Cheng’s, he withdrew it and began shaking his arm as his whole face twisted in pain . “Holy fack!”

His hand was all swollen and limp, and he couldn’t make a fist again . He just grabbed onto his hand with his other hand and stumbled to a corner and knelt down in pain . Tears were already bursting out .

The other guy came over with a swinging kick, and Xu Cheng returned with a kick . The moment their legs touched, that guy cried miserably as he fell to the ground, hugging his leg . Veins were popping out on his neck, and he kept on slapping the ground of the ring to try and distract himself from the pain .

The other three guys were a bit frightened and didn’t dare to move forward .

Xu Cheng smiled . “Come on, let’s play human sandbag . ”

Then, he slammed down hard on the ring with his foot, causing the three of them to lose their balance and fall . Then, climbing onto the ropes, he grinned at the three of them that were lying down, “Here comes the sandbag!”

Then, opening his arms, he jumped towards those guys .


The three of them were smashed down by Xu Cheng horizontally, like sleeping beauty, and all of their saliva sprayed out of their mouths . Although Xu Cheng didn’t look that heavy, the feeling he gave them was no better than having a sumo wrestler landing on them . They were crushed so hard that even their mouths on the rear end puffed out gas .

Old Zhou gradually woke up and slowly got up to look around . His eyes were just gaining clarity when he saw a guy flying straight over at him . With the giant arc in the air, he landed right on Old Zhou, knocking him down on his back again .

“Fack me!” Old Zhou coughed up more blood and tears .

When he got up and prepared to scold the guy that landed on him, he saw another unknown object flying right towards him and landing on top of him .





In total, he saw five beautiful arcs in the air, all facking smashing towards him and landing on him!

When all five made their landing, Old Zhou’s whole body was shivering and he almost couldn’t take another breath . He swore, “Holy fack, you facking pigs…”

His neck was all thick and red as he suffocated with 5 men on top of him . Just as he was going to keep on swearing, he saw another meteor coming right at him .

“What the hell?” Old Zhou’s eyes widened, and his vision regained focus just as he saw Xu Cheng throwing himself over like a human cannonball .

Old Zhou screamed like he saw a ghost, “Please don’t!”


Unfortunately, Old Zhou fainted again . Xu Cheng sat on the little mountain made up of 6 guys and lit a cigarette . “Thank you guys for helping me remember the joys of my childhood . ”

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