Chapter 377.2: 377.2

Chapter 377: Still Tough on the Mouth (Part Two)

“Nonsense!” Liu Ziqi scolded, “I thought I was just here to talk about the role, and we didn’t even sign anything yet, and this fat man was already anxiously trying to get me drunk! I don’t want to answer his demands, can’t I leave? But he wasn’t even letting me leave, so I had no choice but to try and run before stumbling into this room . Not all women in this circle sell their body for fame! If I wanted to sell, then how could I not be famous by now? Why didn’t I go to any other company but Imperial Entertainment, one that has no background?”

Xu Cheng believed her words . Lin Chuxue wouldn’t have brought her to the reality show to film with her if she didn’t like her character . There must be something about her that Lin Chuxue approved of .

“Did you hear that?” Ye Xiu looked at the owner . “Do you still want to get involved? If you don’t, then there’s no business here for you, and we will pay you whatever the damage is, not a cent less . ”

The owner said toughly, “I don’t need your money, my place doesn’t welcome you! Get the fack out!”

Zhang Chao frowned and said, “What did you say?”

Wang An and the others exchanged a look, and they all tacitly nipped the butt of their cigarettes together . Then, picking up whatever was convenient, they began smashing up this whole place .

Tie Shi, Daoba, Ye Xiu, and the others all began smashing whatever they could see!

The owner was completely dumbfounded, and his whole body was shivering in anger . “You! How dare you all! I’m calling the police!”

Then, he pulled out the phone and called the police, but Ye Xiu and the others weren’t fazed by it at all and continued what they were doing . Xu Cheng just brought Liu Ziqi and followed behind them casually as those guys smashed from the third floor all the way down to the first floor, shooing away all the guests .

None of the decorations in the hotel were missed, and after smashing up the entire restaurant, Ye Xiu and the others all sat on the sofa in the lobby, taking deep breaths as they smoked .

Those guys laughed and chatted, “It’s been awhile since we had this kind of fun . ”

Meanwhile, the owner almost passed out from being too angry .

At that moment, cops began arriving outside, and when the boss saw them, it was as if he saw his savior . “Officer, you are finally here! Look at what this place has become after being smashed up by them! Two friends of mine were also badly beaten up!”

President Qiang and President Li were still restrained by Li Zhao and the others and were not let go . The guys that came with those two were all quiet and didn’t dare to utter a word before, but when they saw the cops, they immediately began shouting, “If you don’t let them go, you are doomed! The cops are here!”

“Yeah! What a bunch of peasants! Where do they think they are? How dare they be so rampant in Yanjing!”

The police officers all walked towards Ye Xiu and the others, but when they saw it was Ye Xiu, they immediately put on a big smile . “Aiyo, isn’t this Young Master Ye? Why are you here?”

Ye Xiu said, “A friend of mine came from another city so I took him to this restaurant . Don’t mention it, it’s so disappointing . We weren’t even half-full yet and someone just barged into our room . ”

Then, he pointed at Liu Ziqi and said to the captain of the officers, “My friend, she was also here to meet someone, but then someone wanted to get her drunk and [email protected] her . We all saw it, and he also admitted to it . In addition, the owner of this restaurant wants to shield these guys, so I suspect that the restaurant here is involved in that kind of business, you know? They might be working together to drug women to achieve their goal . Also, go inside the restaurant, look at the kind of people they called over to back them up . It’s all a bunch of thugs with weapons . The evidence is conclusive, and the owner of this restaurant is on their side . You tell me, should a restaurant like this be closed down?”

“Yes!” The captain immediately said, “Close it down immediately! Someone, go and check if it’s really like what Young Master Ye said . ”

The owner was immediately dumbfounded as his face changed color .

A dozen officers ran down from the third floor and reported, “Captain, he’s right, they are all part of those thugs that we often dealt with, those that like to engage in street fights . ”

The captain said to the owner of the restaurant, “Please come with us back to the station, and meanwhile, the restaurant will be closed down . After rectification of this case, we will see if you can reopen this place or not . ”

Then, he waved and said, “Take him away!”

President Li and President Qiang were also dumbfounded and they shouted at Xu Cheng and the others, “Looks like I underestimated you, you actually know someone from the official side! Alright, I will call my people too, and we will see who begs for mercy! Liu Ziqi! Just wait for me to ride you!”

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