Chapter 378.2: 378.2

Chapter 378: Let’s Talk This Out, Don’t Just Use the Kitchen so Liberally (Part Two)

Sister Wang: “Yeah, it’s him! I was originally wondering how he knew Ziqi and why he stood up for her . ”

The boss of the company said, “Alright, I know about this now . He’s not standing up for Ziqi but he was doing Chuxue a favor . Alright, I will think about what to do next, and I will give you guys a call later . Look after Ziqi, we don’t have many connections over there, so don’t run around for the next little while . ”

After hanging up, the boss gave Lin Chuxue a call .

She was in the middle of shooting a new MV and was getting her makeup ready for the shoot . Her new assistant came over and brought her the phone .


“Chuxue, I need to talk to you about something . ”

“Sure . ” Lin Chuxue nodded .

“So here’s the situation . ” Then, the boss told Lin Chuxue what Liu Ziqi encountered at Yanjing . Then, she asked her, “In this kind of situation, should we make an appearance and apologize to that President Li?”

Lin Chuxue chuckled . “It’s fine, don’t worry about this thing anymore . That President Li for sure won’t be looking for trouble with us . I believe in my man, if he has the confidence to offend someone, then he has the confidence to wrestle with them if they fight back . ”

The boss was still a bit skeptical . “Now that we are back on this topic, what is really the background of this man? He seems to have his ways in the entertainment circle…”

Lin Chuxue smiled . “No background, he’s just an ordinary man . Alright, I’m going to resume the shoot now, I will hang up for now . Give Ziqi a call, tell her that no one will force her to do anything if she’s not willing . Tell her to rest assured . ”

Then, Lin Chuxue hung up the phone and then gave Xu Cheng a call .

Xu Cheng was chilling in Ye Xiu’s Range Rover, and seeing the video-chat request, a smile appeared on his face .

“Honey . ”

“Why didn’t you tell me that you went to Yanjing?” Lin Chuxue snorted .

“I’m here for a ceremony, and I might stay here for a little while . How did you know that I’m in Yanjing?” Xu Cheng was pretty curious .

“You were the hero that rescued the beauty . If I still didn’t find out, wouldn’t I be an incompetent wife?” Lin Chuxue’s tone carried a hint of danger .

Xu Cheng immediately awkwardly explained, “It was all a misunderstanding, Honey! My heart is 1000% dedicated to you! Heaven is my witness, if you say left, I definitely wouldn’t say right! I didn’t have any other motive when I helped her out, I was purely doing it out of the kindness of my heart and also as a favor for you . Right now I’m in a car . If I lie, I will die right away from a car crash!”

Driver Ye Xiu: “…”

“Knock on wood right now!” Lin Chuxue interrupted Xu Cheng and said, “What nonsense are you saying! How can I be so petty? But in all seriousness though, will Ziqi be fine?”

“Of course!” Xu Cheng was confident . “These are just some guys that have some money and connections in the entertainment circle . Outside of this circle, they are nothing . Don’t worry, I can handle them . ”

Lin Chuxue nodded . “Alright then, let me know if you can’t handle it anymore . Worst comes to worst, we will just run away . ”

Xu Cheng was touched . “What more can I ask for in life, with you as my wife…”

Ye Xiu wanted to vomit .

Lin Chuxue nodded . “Alright, remember to come back early . I will make you a delicious meal, it will still be the familiar coordination and taste from last time . ”

Xu Cheng wanted to cry . “Honey… We can talk this out, there’s no need to use the kitchen so liberally…”

On the other end, Chuxue chuckled and hung up .

Ye Xiu turned to look at Xu Cheng . “Your wife’s checking up on you?”

“Of course not, she just misses me . ” Xu Cheng snorted and said, “She knew about me saving a beauty and she was praising me . She told me she will cook me a great meal when I get home . ”

Ye Xiu looked at Xu Cheng with a face full of envy and admiration . “Old Xu, you are really the winner in life! You have such a beautiful wife at home, and she’s even willing to cook for you when you get back . Damn, so jealous of you!”

Xu Cheng turned his bitter face to the window and thought, It was a meal of darkness, a memory that I’m trying to wipe away . (read

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