Chapter 391.2: 391.2

Chapter 391: The Waving Cloak (Part Two)

The explosion took place again, and waiting for the smoke to fade, Asmodeus wasn’t in a hurry to leave . He wanted to see if the Ace of Spades could still stand up this time .

But, after the smoke dissipated, there appeared a figure standing in front of the Ace of Spades . He had taken an iron door from god-knows-where and used it as a shield to block the explosion . His cloak was waving in the wind, and he had a golden Joker mask on his face .

Asmodeus’s pupils contracted and he instinctively asked his comrades, “Hey buds, who can tell me the level of some guy in a golden Joker mask?”

His 6 comrades at other locations all instinctively blurted out, “Golden?”

Asmodeus slightly smiled . “Yeah, a golden Joker mask! Oh god, I think I met their boss!”

Leviathan became excited, “How powerful is he? Where are you?”

Asmodeus: “Don’t know, but I don’t have too much hope for the Dragon Division anymore, just a bunch of failures . Boss, did you hear? I’m going to take this golden mask off his face and give it to you, isn’t this what you always wanted?”

The old man sitting in the van narrowed his eyes . “How tall is he?”

Asmodeus: “1 . 9 meters . ”

The elder sighed, “You raised my mood for nothing . It looks like that guy’s really dead . This isn’t the Dragon King, probably just a fake . Asmodeus, don’t damage that mask on his face, it has some sentimental value to me . ”

Asmodeus: “Yes, Boss!”

Then, he put away his gun and cracked his neck as he walked towards Xu Cheng .

Xu Cheng said to the Ace of Spades behind him, “Retreat!”

“Boss…” The Ace of Spades clenched his teeth .

“That’s an order!” Xu Cheng scolded .

Only then, the Ace of Spades struggled as he dragged his injured body to the side and disappeared .

Xu Cheng looked at Asmodeus and asked, “Do your masks have any meaning?”

“You don’t know?” Asmodeus suddenly stopped his steps . “Looks like I’ve failed, I actually didn’t make my opponent remember my name . Listen up, my name is…”


Before Asmodeus’s voice fell, he just felt a gust of wind and then his neck becoming cold . His brain shut down within an instant as a huge cut opened up on his neck . The blood gushed out like a fountain .

Asmodeus’s eyes were wide open as his mouth made inaudible noises .

Xu Cheng wiped his blade and faintly said to him after appearing behind him, “Not interested, but you can remember my name – Mr . Joker . ”

Then, Xu Cheng disappeared and Asmodeus’s body slowly fell .

In the van, the elder that had been paying attention to the life indicators of the Seven Deadly Sins members suddenly found that Asmodeus’s vital signs had disappeared . His eyes slightly widened as the corner of his mouth lifted upward .

“Asmodeus’s dead,” he faintly said to the mic .

The other six members were all a bit shocked .

“What? Wasn’t he fine just a few seconds ago?”

“Yeah, it was just a few seconds ago and now he’s dead? I’m just very curious, how many strikes did that golden Joker deliver to kill him this fast? Don’t tell me he died to his own explosion . ”

“Boss, didn’t the intel say that the Dragon King’s dead? Who’s behind that golden mask? Did we walk into a trap?”

The Elder: “That Dragon King is indeed dead, but there’s already a new candidate to take that throne . ”

Upon saying that, the elder’s eyes burst out a vicious look as he mumbled, “Without my permission, whoever dares to be the Dragon King, I will kill him!”

Lucifer was in the middle of fighting against Bei Shan when he saw a cloak floating over, with a glint of gold . He bitterly smiled . “Who’s near me, come over! I hit the jackpot . Hopefully, this guy isn’t the Dragon King you guys are talking about . ”

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