Chapter 400.1: 400.1

Chapter 400: A Different Kind of Meeting (Part One)

The J of Diamonds knew Xu Cheng was just too angry, so he got up and patted Xu Cheng on the shoulder . “Right now the urgent thing is to check on your wife, I know you are very angry . ”

Pulling his hair, Xu Cheng leaned against the wall and slowly slid down until he was on the floor . He said, “My biggest worry is that I’m not good enough to even protect my own woman . I just want to make myself stronger so that I deserve to be her protector and give her a sense of security . I just want to tell the whole world that I’m her man, and I can deal with whoever dares to take her away from me! So, I joined the army, and I joined the Dragon Division . Besides wanting to protect the country, I also want to protect my family! But I still ended up dragging her into this mess and got her injured . ”

Bei Shan got back up, stood in front of him, and quietly said, “I’m really sorry . ”

Xu Cheng shook his head . “Actually, I shouldn’t have blamed you . You guys didn’t know much about the old grudges between me and the underground money house, so you guys weren’t prepared for this . It was my own negligence, and I was also too nervous . ”

“No, you were right, the Dragon Division indeed isn’t capable enough . I won’t make any excuses, my fault is my fault,” Bei Shan said sincerely .

Xu Cheng knew that so much happened to the Dragon Division recently that it was even barely able to take care of itself . He shouldn’t have blamed it on others . After all, needing someone to protect his own woman was also an act of pushing away responsibilities . Now, he could only hope that Lin Chuxue was fine .

The four of them waited for an hour outside the operating room door . The doctors came out of the operating room one after another . They took off their masks, revealing relieved faces, and said, “The bullets are all out now . Fortunately, they didn’t hit any critical areas, but the patient did lose a lot of blood . Right now, she’s very weak, family members can go in, but don’t stay too long . ”

Xu Cheng nodded . “Thank you, Doctor . ”

Then, he immediately went into the operating room and saw Lin Chuxue still lying there unconscious since she was still anesthetized . Xu Cheng’s heart ached for her very much, and he gently lifted her hand to her mouth and lightly kissed it .

“Honey, I’m sorry, I dragged you into this . I promised that I would protect you and give you the whole world, but you still ended up lying here . ”

He gently caressed Lin Chuxue’s beautiful face, his heart felt torn from seeing her face so pale .

Lin Chuxue’s little hand suddenly moved and actually instinctively held onto Xu Cheng’s big hand in return .

It was a subconscious movement, and it made the tears drop silently from Xu Cheng’s originally-red eyes .

“Chuxue, same rule, whoever dares to hurt you, I will get them to pay back a thousand times, just like old times . Wait for me! I will show you how much I spoil you with my actions!” After Xu Cheng said that, he stood up and gently kissed down on Lin Chuxue on the forehead .

Then, he got up and left the room . At the door, he said to Auntie Lan, “Auntie, please take good care of Chuxue . ”

Auntie Lan heavily nodded .

Xu Cheng then turned around and walked out of the hospital . Bei Shan immediately got nervous and went up and stopped him . “Where are you going?”

“I hope you can protect her well for me this time . ” Xu Cheng looked at Bei Shan with a serious look .

“Don’t go! It’s a behemoth financial group at the national-level, are you going there to court death? Don’t forget your identity right now!”

Xu Cheng shouted with a deep voice, “So what? Even if I’m the chairman of this country, can’t you see that my woman is still lying there? If I endure this today, what would others think of me? This is the first time someone hurt my woman, so I will make them an example for everyone to see what the consequence is!”

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