Chapter 402.2: 402.2

Chapter 402: The Angry Shanling Kubo (Part Two)

The man lying on the bed looked like he was enjoying being served by the mistress . Then, he gestured for her to move aside . He then looked at the man that was half-kneeling and reporting, and he sat up and straightened his body . The mistress immediately went up and helped him get dressed .

Kubo stood up and walked to the man that was reporting to him, looking down at him . He narrowed his eyes . “Lost track of the target? The second target didn’t even die? Did you not bring your brain to work or something? What did I ask of you to do? I told you, I want both of them dead! Did you not understand?”

The guy reporting immediately began shivering in terror . He lowered his head even more and kowtowed . “Sorry, Sir Kubo, give me another chance, please!”

“Chances are what you should fight for yourself, and I already gave you a chance . If I give you another one, what do you think others would see this as? This isn’t in line with my rules, and since you don’t have the capabilities to sit at the position you are at now, then I will just get someone else to replace you,” Kubo said, and the maid next to him immediately carried over a samurai sword with both hands as she bent her head down .

Kubo took the sword out of the sheath and directly threw it in front of his man and said, “You are too old now, I will give your son the support he needs to climb . You shouldn’t burden him . ”

A painful expression showed on the man’s face and he gritted his teeth . Picking up the samurai sword, and after a brief moment of hesitation, he grabbed onto it with both hands, raised it high into the air, and directly stabbed towards himself, piercing his abdomen . Blood slowly came out of his mouth, and with his eyes slightly closing, he fell down in pain .

Two more maids in kimonos walked over quietly to dispose of the corpse . Kubo directly threw his wine glass to the ground and shouted in anger, “Lost tens of billions of dollars, how can it be enough with just a facking warning?! What a bunch of incompetent waste!”

Due to the fact that Xu Cheng was still alive, now, Kubo’s status in the Shanling Family had been shaken and questioned . Not only did the underground money house in Shangcheng get closed down entirely, they even suffered a heavy loss for their business in M Nation . The money lost in the underground money house amounted to 30 billion dollars, and all the other multinational companies that extended their business to Huaxia also got affected, with their stocks plunging significantly, losing another 30 billion in market value! During this whole time, Shanling Kubo had become the target of public criticism, and if it wasn’t for the amount of profit his underground money house had brought for the company as well as his other businesses, he would’ve probably been kicked off from being the third leader of the Shanling Family! All of this put a huge black stain onto his resume, and the whole circle was laughing at how he got screwed in Huaxia and even got government diplomats involved . The chief of the Shanling Family scolded him until his mouth ran dry, and the person that caused all of this – Xu Cheng, had become a needle in his eye . He couldn’t even get a good day of sleep if he didn’t take care of him .

Originally, he was going to plan out something more sophisticated for revenge . The biggest turbulence the family had faced was already from his department, which was the fall of the underground money house in Shangcheng, but later on, who knew he would be informed by his men that one of his core managers in the M Nation actually died!

When he found out that the murderer was Xu Cheng again, Shanling Kubo’s rage exploded . At the board meeting, the chief directly named him and told him, “If you don’t bring me the head of the man responsible for this, then you can bring your own head to me!”

It was clear that the chief and the whole Shanling Family was mad . This had always been how big companies were run, the higher-ups would never go for the bottom-level guys, they would directly go for the one managing those bottom-level guys . If you couldn’t do a good job managing people, you will be replaced . It was that simple .

So, the whole operation took several months to prepare, yet after deployment, the primary target still got away, and the second target didn’t even die! How could Kubo not be pissed? So, since the guy supervising the whole execution of the mission didn’t do a good job, he could just go and die!

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