Chapter 409.2: 409.2

Chapter 409: Massacre (Part Two)


Xu Cheng didn’t give him the chance to talk and directly sliced his neck with his katana . He then threw his head under the feet of Cunzhong .

Cunzhong directly stood up . As he got dressed, he shouted at his men outside, “Stop him!”

The others all looked at each other with hesitation . However, everyone also wanted to use this chance to climb up the ladder . What if they got lucky and actually managed to hurt Xu Cheng? They would definitely be promoted a few ranks in a row in the million-member-sized Sanko Group .

“Fack, kill him!” someone suddenly shouted, and then a few guys with bigger balls immediately charged over, wanting to utilize their advantage in numbers to kill Xu Cheng .

Xu Cheng picked up another katana from the ground with his feet, and now with two, he began slashing left and right, not even blinking once . Blood splattered everywhere and with more miserable cries, there were more and more bodies piled up in the yard!

Within just five minutes, there were already over 70 members dead . This quantity was all the reinforcements that came from this whole street .

Cunzhong Tailang had never seen someone of this caliber in his life . He had seen many killers, and he also saw many extremely capable ones, but it was still his first time seeing someone that could basically 1v100 .

As usual, the older one became, the less daring they would be . He was over fifty, and seeing that his advantage was gone, he kneeled down and trembled as he said to Xu Cheng, “Let me go, I will give you however much money you want . I have a lot of money, as long as you can let me let me go, in the Wei Nation, I can give you everything you want!”

Xu Cheng placed the katana on Cunzhong Tailang’s neck and coldly said, “I just want one answer . If you tell the truth, you don’t have to die . If you lie then sorry, you will die under this very own blade of your Sanko Group . ”

“Yes! I will tell you!” Cunzhong immediately said, “Just ask away, I will tell you everything I know!”

Xu Cheng: “Who told you to go to the Assassin Alliance to register a bounty on a guy called Xu Cheng?”

Cunzhong’s body shivered, and he subconsciously lifted his head to look at Xu Cheng .

Xu Cheng didn’t hesitate and just nonchalantly chopped off one of his arms .

“Ahh!” Cunzhong immediately screamed in pain and began rolling around on the floor, and blood pooled into the bath, dying it all red .

“You hesitated,” Xu Cheng faintly said . Then, he put the katana onto Cunzhong’s neck and asked, “Talk, you have one more arm . ”

“It’s Shanling Jiubao!” Cunzhong said in a deep voice, “Shanling Financial Group’s core member, Shanling Jiubao! He can control many government forces, and it’s a piece of cake for him to command us or the governments’ martial artists . I was forced to do it!”

“I know it’s Shanling Jiubao,” Xu Cheng said . With a wave of the blade, Cunzhong’s other arm flew away!

“Ahh!” Cunzhong cried miserably from the top of his lungs and yelled at Xu Cheng in anger, “You facking played me?!”

This time, Xu Cheng pointed his blade at Cunzhong’s heart and asked, “Where does he live? Where is the headquarters of the Shanling Financial Group located? You must know for sure, you guys come from the same side of the same world, and if it weren’t for you guys taking care of the loose ends for them, the Sanko Group wouldn’t have raised to the height it’s at right now . ”

Cunzhong snorted . “You think I will tell you?”


Xu Cheng’s katana entered his chest by a centimeter .

“Ahh!” Bean-sized sweats appeared on Cunzhong’s forehead . “I don’t know the details, all I know is that the entire financial group’s actual headquarters is in North Sea Path (city), the real culprit Shanling Jiubao’s there!”

Xu Cheng nodded . “Yeah, he’s the culprit, but you are also an accomplice . So, you can now atone for your sins . ”

After that, Xu Cheng sliced through his neck .

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