Chapter 410.1: 410.1

Chapter 410: Godlike (Part One)

Across the street, the street vendor owners all exclaimed .

“Why is the bathhouse on fire?”

The woman that was eating supper immediately looked over to see the entire courtyard on fire, and she stood up in shock . She wondered if she should go over to take a look, but she was also a bit scared .

By now, more and more people from nearby all went over, and when the woman planned to cross the street and check it out as well, Xu Cheng, who was in a Sanko uniform, appeared across the street and began walking towards her . “Let’s go, next stop . ”

That woman nodded while in a daze . Then, she began walking away with Xu Cheng while looking back once every few steps . She wanted to ask something but she didn’t know if it was appropriate or not .

Overnight, the woman brought Xu Cheng to North Sea Path by bus .

They didn’t chat at all over the night, and when they finally arrived, it was already the next day with the sun high up in the sky . After arriving at North Sea Path, the woman went to the convenience store and got a map . At that time, she accidentally glanced at the TV inside the store and saw the news .

“One of the Three Chiefs of the Sanko Group was Brutally Murdered, Fire at Old Street Bathhouse Killed Nearly a Hundred Sanko Group Members . ”

The map fell from the woman’s hand and her mind became completely absent .

“Miss, the map is 10 yuan, the two bottles of mineral water are 20 yuan in total,” the owner saw that she was in a daze and reminded her .

“Here . ” The woman nervously handed the money to the shop owner and left with the map and water .

Walking to Xu Cheng’s side, she carefully handed him a bottle of water .

Xu Cheng drank the water . Feeling that the woman was looking at him a bit vigilantly, he said, “Am I scary?”

The woman immediately moved her eyes away from Xu Cheng . She tried to drink some water too, but due to being too nervous, she immediately choked on the water and coughed .

She wiped her mouth and asked, “Did you start that fire last night?”

Xu Cheng nodded .

Seeing how he casually nodded, as if killing almost a hundred people wasn’t a big deal, she began feeling even more nervous and shocked .

“Where are we going next?”

Xu Cheng took over the map, pointed at a location, and said, “Here, do you know where the Shanling Financial Group’s headquarters are?”

The woman was shocked . “Shanling Financial Group? Sir, what are you planning to do?”

Xu Cheng took a sip of water and said calmly, “To kill a guy . ”

The woman almost coughed up more water . She really shouldn’t have asked such a dumb question .

“But… that’s the Shanling Financial Group! Do you know what they represent for the Wei Nation?”

“I know, it’s the third-largest financial group in the Wei Nation and the entire group is worth more than 300 billion dollars,” Xu Cheng nonchalantly said as if he didn’t really care at all . “But not to mention 300 billion, even if it’s 3 trillion, I’m still going to get one guy . ”

The woman couldn’t help but ask, “Who?”

Xu Cheng said, word for word, “Shanling Jiubao . ”

The woman’s pupils immediately enlarged . elf are already worth about 30 billion dollars . He’s a big celebrity in the Wei Nation’s financial circle . ”

“You know a lot about the financial circle, looks like you’ve received a pretty good education,” Xu Cheng caught onto this detail and said .

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