Chapter 413.2

Chapter 413: Grabbing Him to Take Him to My Woman to Kneel and Apologize (Part Two)

Xu Cheng picked up a glass shard from the ground and threw it towards the temple of one of the members . That man immediately hit the ground .

“Sorry, 10 minutes passed again . ” Xu Cheng faintly smiled . He looked at Shanling Gangben and said, “Go on, you can keep talking, I will listen . But no matter what you say, once the timer hits, I will kill a guy, and I will stick to my words . ”

Shanling Gangben asked Xu Cheng curiously, “You love your woman so much, why are you putting yourself through this much risk? It’s really stupid, you know? Don’t you want to live with your woman happily for the rest of your life? Doing what you are doing right now, you are basically not leaving any way out for yourself . ”

“I want to be happy too, but I really don’t have a choice . Some dogs couldn’t afford to play the game properly and wanted to involve innocent people, so I have no choice . Even if I trade my life for the destruction of your entire Shanling Financial Group, I still think it’s very worth it . ”

Xu Cheng then smiled insidiously like a devil, as if he had gone a little demonic . He looked at Shanling Gangben and laughed, saying, “Scared now? You think you can get me to stop by threatening me?”

Shanling Gangben: “Nope, I just think that you might not be able to get back to your country alive anymore . Today, even if you kill all of us here, the police will still get you, and Shanling Jiubao will still find a way to kill your woman!”

“You really talk a lot . ” Xu Cheng smiled, picked up a glass shard, and killed another person .

Some people that were scared of death immediately dropped onto their azz and pissed their pants . Seeing the people around them dying one by one right before their eyes, they felt as if they were in hell .  

“Dad, what happened?!” Just then, Shanling Jiubao came right through the door, running . Following him were five guys in uniform, and judging by their steps, it was clear that they were ninjas .

When Shanling Gangben saw this b@stard, he directly gave him a kick in the stomach . “You b@stard that can’t get anything done but can always fack s--t up! Just wait and kill yourself once this is done to beg for the forgiveness of all the members that died because of you!”

Shanling Jiubao looked at the corpses around him guiltily . On his way in, he also saw dead bodies everywhere .

“I have nothing to say, I just hope you can give me a chance to avenge my family members!” Shanling Jiubao kneeled as he gritted his teeth . Then, he slowly stood up, looked towards Xu Cheng, and said, “I am Shanling Jiubao, why are you doing this?”

“You hurt my woman, so I will kill your whole family; it’s very fair . This is just how I am . You dare to offend me once? I will return the favor a-hundred-fold,” Xu Cheng faintly said .

“You are Xu Cheng?” Shanling Jiubao narrowed his eyes . “I didn’t expect that you would actually come to the Wei Nation after you disappeared in your own country . You are here courting death, you know that? Every day, every night, I’ve been thinking about skinning you alive and drinking your blood! Since you came today, then don’t leave anymore . You can let me redeem my sins!” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“B@stard, get the fack out of my way!” The furious Shanling Gangben had been holding in his wrath and he directly kicked Jiubao to the side . Seeing that the five Royal-class super ninjas ‘Ren’s were here, he immediately gained confidence as he walked up, looked at Xu Cheng, and said, “Shanling Jiubao’s here, you can come and try to get him! Today, if you can bring him out of this place, then I will promise in the name of the Shanling Financial Group to not give you any trouble in the future!”

Then, those five Rens walked over and said, “If you can take Mr . Jiubao out from here, we will slice open our stomachs and end our lives too!”  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng smiled . “Oh, then this will be fun . In fact, you guys don’t need to make such bold bets . Even if Jesus comes today, I already said, I will bring Shanling Jiubao to my woman to kneel and apologize . I will kill whoever dares to stand in my way, even if it’s your nation’s prime minister, I will also walk over his corpse . ”

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