Chapter 425: 425

Chapter 425: Low-key Bragging (Part One)

The four youngsters didn’t know exactly why Xu Cheng was allowed to sit there and receive the approval and recognition of the five elders . If this identity were to leak out, he could really roam freely without a care across the country!

And this wasn’t an exaggeration at all .

Even princelings (TL note: second-generation of powerful politicians in the central government) would think twice before they provoke Xu Cheng!

In fact, instead of saying that Xu Cheng was kicked out of the military completely and broke all ties with the country, it was more accurate to say that the country was actually protecting him!

He lost the Dragon King position, yet the five elders basically gave him a mountain to rely on!

The five elders recognizing him as their grandson was no joke . At least speaking for in the current era, as long as at least one of the five elders were alive, no one could touch Xu Cheng!

It was a kind of protection for Xu Cheng!

But, Xu Cheng felt like he didn’t need it and that was why he didn’t want to come . But, he couldn’t disobey Elder Ye so he had no choice but to attend this reunion . On the way here, he already predicted what was going on . To put it simply, the nation wanted to retain him as a talent!

And the price the nation was paying for this to happen was already enough for Xu Cheng to brag about for his whole life .

But since he was already taken in as the grandson of these grandpas, Xu Cheng decided to just let it be .

Elder Nie seemed to have seen through Xu Cheng’s thoughts and he smiled as he said, “Child, don’t worry too much about other things . You just got four grandpas, there are no obligations that come with this . In fact, Big Brother Ye had always been telling us that he has this treasure and was bragging about you every day, saying that he will share this treasure with us . We are even closer than brothers, so obviously, we share all the good things . So today, you are Big Brother Ye’s grandson, and you are naturally our grandson . Don’t think of yourself as an outsider in the future, you can come and visit anytime . Just treat all five of our homes like your own, got it?”

Xu Cheng nodded .

In fact, if they were to look back to Xu Cheng’s childhood and family background, these five elders were basically compensating Xu Cheng on behalf of the country .

First of all, he didn’t have a good childhood . The elders thought that he might not have a sense of belonging in Huaxia since he grew up in Britain . Plus, Xu Zhenxiong was so loyal to the country, yet he met bitter end . On this issue, the country didn’t do a good job . Plus this time, Xu Cheng played a critical role in wiping out the four behemoth clans, yet he still lost the only blood-related family he had left . Connecting all of this together, he indeed lost too much . After thinking about this for a long time, the five elders thought that they could only use this kind of method to give Xu Cheng more care, and make him feel that the nation’s got his back!

In fact, the five elders didn’t really give him anything in terms of actual positions or powers, so it was naturally not against any laws or rules .

But, although it looked like nothing was given, what happened today basically reshaped Xu Cheng’s background to be one of the most powerful men in the country!

Xu Cheng said, “I got it . Thanks, five Grandpas!”

Elder Ye: “Brat, in the future, remember to come to Yanjing to play with us . Hey, you youngsters shouldn’t just think about having fun every day . You gotta spend some time with the elderly too, am I right?”

Xu Cheng rolled his eyes at him . “If you would stop bragging all the time, I might be willing to talk to you more . ”

“What’s wrong about bragging?” Elder Ye’s eyes spread wide open, and he pointed at Zhou Xiaoming and the other three youngsters and said, “Go and ask them, they just love to hear my stories . Thinking back to that year…”

Xu Cheng: “Alright, alright, here you go again . Is it the one about you killing your way from the southwest district to the northeast district again?”

“Aiya, you brat, you just got these four grandpas, and your wings are already tough?” Elder Ye appeared to be very angry . He pressed down on the table and said, “You brat, other than this time you killed a few Wei Nation guys, what other capabilities do you have? You think you can brag like me? Let me tell you, back then, I took down at least a fully reinforced company of Wei Nation troops!”

Chapter 425: Low-key Bragging (Part Two)

Xu Cheng nonchalantly popped these words out of his mouth, “I wiped out the Li Family . ”

“Uh . ” Not to mention Elder Ye, even the other four elders were dumbfounded . Them making that sound was their best attempt to try and hold back their laughter .

Elder Ye felt that he finally met a match in bragging in his life, so he looked at Xu Cheng and said, “With only a thousand troops, I decimated the enemy force of 5 thousand troops! It’s become a textbook battle in the history of modern battles in Huaxia!”

Xu Cheng: “I wiped out the Murong Family . ”

Elder Ye: “…”

“Back then, a town of at least 10,000 citizens were surrounded by Wei Nation’s troops, and it was me that led the troops and defended all night until we received reinforcements . ”

Xu Cheng: “I took down the Ryong Family!”

The Ryong Family was regarded as the most powerful one of the four!

Seeing how Big Brother Ye looked like he was constantly choked by Xu Cheng’s words, they were all trying so hard to not laugh .

Elder Ye was furious . He slapped the desk and said, “Back then, I had only 20 thousand soldiers and was sandwiched by both the Republic Army and the Wei Nation . It was me that used my insane tactical abilities that won us that battle! Humph!”

Xu Cheng: “And you still couldn’t take out your own main branch family, the Ye Family . But I did . ”

Elder Ye: “I…”

“Hahahaha . ” The four elders all couldn’t hold it in anymore and burst into laughter .

“Big Brother Ye, this guy really does have the assets to sit here and brag with us now . Look at you, why are you taking it so seriously? Have a drink first, calm your t1ts first, hahaha . ”

Elder Ye refused .

“Brat, during that anti-Wei-Invasion war, they sent 30 or so generals, and at least 8 of them died by my very hands! If I say I killed the most Wei Nation soldiers, no one would dare to argue with me! What are you so arrogant about?” Elder Ye said very proudly .

Xu Cheng just held up four fingers and showed him .

Elder Ye was confused . “What do you mean?”

Xu Cheng: “I took down the four behemoth clans . ”

Elder Ye slammed the table . “Besides wiping out the facking four clans, what else have you got?”

“Old man, what do you mean besides wiping out those four clans? You are saying it as if it’s such an easy thing to do . Look at all five grandpas here, and also look at my teacher, Zhang Chenfeng . You guys were all suppressed by the four clans for so long . But now, I wiped them out . Doesn’t that mean I can brag more than you?”

Elder Ye just looked at Xu Cheng as the will to keep on living slowly disappeared from his eyes .

“Hahahahahaha…” The other four elders all laughed again as they held their stomach, all slapping the desks . “Yeah! Yeah it does! Big Brother Ye, you lost this round!”

“We can’t chat happily together anymore, right?” Elder Ye stared right at Xu Cheng, giving off a look that was saying he was going to flip the table right now .

Xu Cheng just glanced at him and casually added, “With your old bones, if you can still flip this table, I lose . ”

“Hahahahah!” The other grandpas were laughing so hard that tears were coming out . The four youngsters didn’t know what Xu Cheng was saying, but they were worried that something might go wrong with their grandpa’s health since they were really laughing too hard right now .

The four of them never saw Big Brother Ye get shocked back so much, and they were thrilled to finally see it .

In the past, they would often brag to kill time, and indeed, whether it was military merits or confirmed enemy kills, Elder Ye was always ranked number one . They all couldn’t win the bragging war in front of Elder Ye, and thus, they had been suppressed in Elder Ye’s shadow for their whole lives .

“Without mentioning the behemoth families, you little brat, if you can bring up one more thing that can choke me, then I lose,” Elder Ye pointed at Xu Cheng’s face and said, seemingly forgotten what had just happened a few days ago in the heat of the moment .

Xu Cheng looked at him with the “I don’t want to hurt you” expression and said, “Two days ago, or should I say in the near future, with the political feud brewing and exploding and the two biggest financial groups in hot water, Wei Nation’s economy would be screwed with the GDP at least decreasing by 30%! Old man, does this count?”

“Hahahahah!” Another relentless wave of merciless laughter came from the four elders .

That was correct . With everything that was going on in Wei Nation, the experts in Huaxia had already looked into it and just as Xu Cheng said, its economy and reputation would both be severely damaged as a result of the scandals .

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