Chapter 426.2: 426.2

Chapter 426: Brat, This Trick Is Useless Against Me (Part Two)

The woman that was responsible for cleaning saw this brat coming to the building again, and she asked in confusion, “What are you doing here every day? Are you a tenant?”

Lin Dong shook his head . “Miss, I’m here to look for someone . Why is there no one living in this condo now?”

“This building had a few deaths so the review and fengshui of this place are both pretty bad . In the end, everyone no longer dared to live in it anymore and decided to move out, so the owner is planning to sell the whole building . ”

Xu Cheng indeed was putting this building on sale and not living there anymore since too many people knew about his place of residence now .

“Sale?” Lin Dong was anxious, and he immediately went to the property management office .

When he went in, he went to find the manager right away, and after handing him a cig, he said, “Can you give me the property owner’s number?”

The manager immediately pulled the cig out of his mouth and said, “Nah, can’t do that . We are responsible for helping the owner sell this place for a percentage as commission . If you plan to go directly to the employer to cut out the middleman, that’s not good practice, man . ”

Lin Dong: “I’m not planning to buy this place, I’m purely looking for the owner . I have something to ask him . ”

Manager: “What else can it be? We are all in this circle, we all know what some people would do to get a cheaper price . The owner’s contact information is confidential, and we already signed a contract with him so you can only go through us if you want to buy this place . It’s useless even if you go to him privately . Just stop thinking about that already . ”

Lin Dong gritted his teeth . “Let me ask you, how much do you earn every month? Even if you were to successfully sell this place, what percentage can you get? I will give you that, as long as you can just tell me the owner’s number . ”

Manager: “Sir, you can’t say it that way . First of all, this isn’t about money . If word were to get out, how am I going to stay in this industry? I’m basically throwing away my whole career for a one-time gain! But if I keep on working hard, I can keep on climbing up, make tons of money, and then marry someone beautiful . Those things can’t be measured with the amount of money you pay me right now . ”

Lin Dong: “Dude, I just want that guy’s number, what are you rambling on about? Just give me your word, yes or not? If it’s a no, I will go and get it from your boss, and I will have him fire you!”

Then, he directly went to the employee list on the wall to find the general manager . He found the number and dialed .

But then, the phone of the manager in front of him rang .

Lin Dong was speechless . “You are the boss? Aren’t you just a facking manager?”

The manager smiled and said, “Just the difference of one word, gotta be lowkey . But anyway, I’m not telling you the owner’s number . ”

Right now, Lin Dong was just one phone number away from finding Xu Cheng .

Seeing that the tough approach didn’t work, he immediately kneeled onto the floor and began crying, “Dad, please! The happiness of the rest of my life all facking depends on this number! I swear I’m not here to buy this building! Really! If I’m here to buy this place, I will get struck by lightning and become a dog for the next life!”

The manager sighed and shook his head . “Damn, looks like some people are willing to go very far just to not pay the middleman commission, you are actually making such a big oath . Let me tell you, brat, when I was starting off and using all kinds of tactics, I was even more shameless and had less conscience than you . Your trick is useless on me . ”

Lin Dong: “…”

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