Chapter 434.2: 434.2

Chapter 434: That Person’s My Teacher (Part Two)

Lin Han and Lin Dong’s big brother both looked back at Lin Dong dumbfoundedly, who was in the back seat .

Lin Dong didn’t know whether he should laugh or not . “Are we still going to beg him?”

Young Master Lin looked at his dad, and Lin Han held the steering wheel with both hands . After clenching his teeth, he said in a deep voice, “Let’s go!”

Then, he stepped on the gas pedal and continued to drive towards the Jade Qilin Garden villa group .

They arrived at #66 . Looking at this number, Lin Han sighed, “I should’ve noticed this number when I came here for the first time . Those that can live at this number of such a neighborhood is definitely not simple . (TL Note: 66 is a very lucky number in the Chinese culture) . I overlooked this detail . ”

Mommy Lin said, “I asked about the house price of this neighborhood already, the villas all start at around 50 million, but this 66, 88, 99 are all sold privately . (TL Note: all lucky numbers) Different from the other houses, these three’s footprint and design are very particular, and the price goes for at least a hundred million . ”

After the four of them got out of the car, they came to the door and rang the doorbell . A head popped out between the doors, it was the maid . Seeing it was the two guys that came over and caused a commotion earlier, she didn’t have the best attitude and snorted, “What’s up . ”

Lin Han and his elder son bitterly smiled . “Can we go in?”

“Our master is asleep already, you can come another day,” after the maid said that and was about to close the door, Lin Dong was pushed to the front by Lin Han .

“I’m looking for my teacher, Xu Cheng,” Lin Dong immediately said .

The maid still closed the door and left .

“What do we do now?” Mommy Lin asked worriedly .

“How am I supposed to know? Why don’t you ask my dad and my big brother? Ask them about what they did earlier . ” Lin Dong glanced at his dad and big brother .

Lin Han glared at him . “If you told me ahead of time that this teacher of yours was not simple, how would I act that way and offend him?”

Lin Dong: “How did I know he didn’t have a simple background? If you didn’t tell me about the tea, I really wouldn’t have known what kind of identity or background he has . ”

Young Master Lin wondered . “Dad, do you think the one targeting our family might not be the Zheng Family but this guy instead?”

Lin Han: “If that’s the case, then we would die an even more horrible death . ”

Lin Dong: “My teacher isn’t that kind of person, and normally, he’s really easy to get along with . In the past, I offended him multiple times both verbally and physically, but he didn’t hold a grudge against me at all . Don’t badmouth him behind his back like this . ”

Just when the whole family didn’t know what to do anymore, the maid opened the door and popped her head out again . “Come in . ”

Then, the family cautiously walked into the villa one after another .

Young Master Lin was still mumbling as he walked in, “This guy was just a little officer, and then he became the captain of some criminal investigation department, how can he be such a big shot?”

“We have no other way out . Doesn’t matter if it’s going to work or not, just remember to have a good attitude,” Lin Han said to him .

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