Chapter 437.1: 437.1

Chapter 437: Got Your Back (Part One)

Zhang Tianyou scolded Lin Hu, “Who do you think you are? Let this go? So we will let this go just because you said it?”

“Yeah… yeah… Young Master Zhang, you are right!” Lin Hu squeezed out a smile . “But my little brother is still pretty young, can you just give him a chance?”

Zhang Tianyou waved at Lin Hu . “Come closer . ”

Lin Hu approached with some vigilance .

But, who knew Zhang Tianyou would slap him right across his face and angrily shout, “I gave you a slap, and then I apologize . You tell me, are you still angry?”

“Big Brother!” Lin Dong immediately became anxious when he saw his big brother get slapped .

Lin Hu covered his burning face, looked up at Zhang Tianyou, and said, “Young Master Zhang, please let my little brother go . He’s still young… If there’s anything, I will take all the responsibilities in his place . ”

Lin Hu then looked over at Miss Zheng and said, “Miss Zheng, please go easy on my family too…”

Miss Zheng: “Can you not understand the human language? As long as Lin Dong kneels down and apologizes to me, then we will just pretend nothing happened tonight, and your family will be fine . Just consider it, and if he doesn’t want to, then my big brother Tianyou’s going to beat someone up . ”

Lin Hu looked over at Lin Dong, and he slowly walked over to him and whispered, “Dong, don’t resist anymore . We can’t outplay them, this is reality . I’ve been telling you ever since you were a child, we can’t offend people that are above us in the hierarchy…”

Lin Dong: “And that’s why I wanted to live like my teacher, at least with my balls on me!”

“Don’t mention your teacher, no one can help us tonight . Just hurry up and apologize . You provoked her, and our family got dragged in because of you . You have to take care of your own mess . I don’t want to see you get beaten up . ”

“Big Brother, just go . I will handle it all for what I did tonight,” Lin Dong said to him, and then he looked over at Zhang Tianyou, Miss Zheng, and the others and shouted angrily, “I don’t regret a thing! Let’s fight it out then!”

As soon as he finished, the other guys’ punches and kicks immediately began landing on Lin Dong, knocking him down to the ground .

His car was also smashed up .

Lin Hu immediately got nervous . “Young Master Zhang, is it enough now?”

“You can get the fack out of here!” Zhang Tianyou glared at him and fiercely said, “Or you are going to get beat up too!”

Then, he shoved Lin Hu to the side and walked in front of Lin Dong . He raised his chin, looked down at Lin Dong, and said, “You bullied my girl in Shangcheng, you think you can just hide and everything will be just fine? Tonight, either you apologize, or I will make you suffer until daylight!”

– Inside the villa –

Xu Cheng checked the time and said to the maid, “Go and see why Dong still hasn’t come back yet . ”

The maid nodded and then went out . When she opened the door and popped her head out, she saw Lin Dong was getting beaten as blood covered his face . She immediately turned around and ran back to the living room .

“Crap! Mr . Xu, Mr . Lin got beaten up! He’s by the gates!”

Xu Cheng directly went out with Luo Yi and Li Wei, and they saw Lin Dong on the ground surrounded, and his car was smashed beyond recognition .

“Let him go,” Xu Cheng faintly said to that group of guys .

“Who the fack are you? Don’t get yourself involved, or you…” One of the guys didn’t even get to finish and he was kicked into the bushes by Luo Yi!

Li Wei basically picked up the guys surrounding Lin Dong like little chickens and threw them away, and Xu Cheng came to Lin Dong and helped him up .

“Teacher…” Lin Dong felt very embarrassed to be beaten up like this, and he didn’t know what to say and just felt like a failure .

Xu Cheng glanced at these guys from the Super Car Club, and when his eyes crossed with Zhang Tianyou’s, that guy’s eyes immediately stared wide open .

Chapter 437: Got Your Back (Part Two)

“Who hit him?” Xu Cheng faintly said .

There was some silence, and then some arrogant guy thought he would stand out and make a good impression in front of Zhang Tianyou, so he shouted domineeringly, “I did, so what?”

But right as he finished, Li Wei went over, grabbed him over by the collar, and Xu Cheng slapped him across the face, sending a few teeth flying out .

“Who else?” Xu Cheng glanced at everyone, and then he looked at Zhang Tianyou and said, “You can answer . ”

“I…” Zhang Tianyou was still very scared of Xu Cheng . Their last encounter at the nightclub because of the parking incident truly was a nightmare for him .

“Who is this guy?” another woman that was standing by Miss Zheng never saw Xu Cheng before and she impatiently asked .

“You can tell her who I am,” Xu Cheng said to Zhang Tianyou .

Zhang Tianyou swallowed his spittle . “B-big Brother Cheng, I…”

Xu Cheng pointed at Lin Dong and said, “Do you know who he is? He’s an apprentice I just took in, and right after, he was beaten up in front of my house . You tell me, what is the meaning of this?”

Xu Cheng said and he angrily kicked away another guy .

The other guys wanted to do something, but seeing Luo Yi and Li Wei blocking their way and how burly and aggressive they looked, they immediately chickened out . Some of them had seen Xu Cheng beat up their guys last time, so they obviously didn’t want to be on the receiving end this time .

Zhang Tianyou stood there and swallowed his spittle, and with his mouth quivering, he said, “Big Brother Cheng… we didn’t know he was your apprentice… We didn’t know this was your home! Big Brother Cheng, please give us a chance . ”

Xu Cheng was too lazy to listen to him; he looked at Lin Dong’s smashed car and said to everyone, “Smash your cars for me . ”

There were eight cars and each was a supercars worth tens of millions, so those guys looked awkwardly at each other .

Xu Cheng’s face darkened and he said, “Need my help?”

“Smash!” Zhang Tianyou said to his guys in a deep voice, “Smash it yourself, hurry up!”

Those guys helplessly picked up their wrenches and bats and began smashing their own cars .

The sudden change in scenery left Lin Hu dumbfounded . Not to mention him, even Lin Dong was dumbfounded .

Miss Zheng and the other woman that was on Zhang Tianyou’s side were both in a daze as well . They didn’t know the mighty Young Master Zhang still had someone he was scared of from the same generation!

When the eight supercars were all smashed into junks, Zhang Tianyou finally looked over at Xu Cheng and said, “Big Brother Cheng, the job is done . ”

Then, Xu Cheng said to Lin Dong, “Who hit you earlier? Go over and slap him across the face!”

Lin Dong froze .

“Go ahead,” Xu Cheng faintly said .

Lin Dong nodded, and he summoned his courage and went over to Miss Zheng and gave her a slap first . Pa!

Miss Zheng held her face and immediately began swearing like a b*tch, “You dare to hit me? Big Brother Tianyou! You are still not going to do anything?”


Zhang Tianyou turned around and gave her a slap too . He furiously said, “Look at the trouble you caused! Apologize!”

Miss Zheng was completely dumbfounded .

Lin Dong turned around and gave Zhang Tianyou a kick in the stomach .

Zhang Tianyou fell onto his b-tt, and when the others went to help him get up, it seemed like he wasn’t intending to get up or fight back at all .

He even said to Lin Dong, “Sorry…”

Lin Dong went over and gave another kick to his abdomen area and directly got him on his back .

“This kick is for my big brother,” Lin Dong said .

Zhang Tianyou got up and looked at Lin Hu and said, “I’m sorry…”

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