Chapter 440.1: 440.1

Chapter 440: Favors (Part One)

Xu Cheng ignored Zheng Baorui from the beginning to the end . He turned around and was about to go inside when Li Hui immediately walked up to him, laughed, and said, “Uh, Young Master Xu, do you have time? Can I treat you to a meal?”

“We’ll see . ” Xu Cheng turned around and left .

“Young Master Xu, Young Master Xu, can I get your number?” Li Hui smiled and asked again .

Xu Cheng thought about how he helped this time after all, so he said to him, “Give me your card, I will give you a call later . ”

“Okay . ” Li Hui quickly took out a stack of business cards from his pocket, and there were three grades . He passed Xu Cheng the one with golden borders and said, “This is my card . Young Master Xu, if you have anything that I can help with, don’t hesitate . You can just give me a call . I will try my absolute best . ”

He carried three different grades of business cards, and the ones that he gave to normal people were an exquisite type that had his company, title, and contact information . But, the one he gave to Xu Cheng was the best, one that was made out of pure gold and only had his name and number on it .

Xu Cheng accepted the card and nodded, and then he walked back to the villa .

After looking at the villa and noting down the number, Li Hui turned around and went over to pat Lin Dong on the shoulder .

Lin Dong was feeling a bit flattered . After all, he was Shangcheng’s richest man! He was not just a legend to him, but a celebrity-like figure to the whole business world of Shangcheng! Even his dad Lin Han would not be able to get close to someone of his level .

Now, such a legend actually suddenly jogged over to him, patted his shoulder, and greeted him so nicely . Lin Dong could not be more surprised .

“Lin Dong, right?” Li Hui smiled as he put his arm around his shoulder and asked, “Your dad is?”

“Lin Han,” Lin Dong answered .

“Oh, I remember now! That President Lin of the Lin Wood Manufacturing Company, right?” Li Hui asked .

Lin Dong nodded .

“Young Master Xu’s your teacher?” Li Hui asked, “Like the type where he formally acknowledged you?”

Lin Dong nodded, and just when he was about to say something, Lin Han directly took out a business card, passed it to him, and said, “This is my business card . If you have time, you can come over to my office and have some tea . Do you know my son, Li Wei? He likes supercars, just like you! In the future, I will take you to meet him, and you guys can hang out frequently . I still have something to take care of so I will leave now, but remember my offer! See you!”

Before Lin Dong could come back to his senses, Li Hui already handed over his card and left .

Then, Zhang Tianyou walked over and said to Lin Dong, “Lin Dong, I hope you won’t mind what just happened . If you feel like it’s still not enough, we can take you out and treat you to a fancy meal and a night out . How about that?”

Lin Dong looked at those guys . Since his master already settled the matter, it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to continue to be aggressive . He said, “Never mind that . Since my teacher said this is already settled, then let it be settled . I can’t beat you guys on my own, I will come back later when I learn some actual skills . ”

Zhang Tianyou and the others chuckled . “Alright, let’s just exchange numbers then, and if you have something, you can call us . In the future when you work for your teacher, you will probably need our connections to take care of stuff . To be honest, just with your dad’s network, it’s really not enough to roam around in Shangcheng . ”

Lin Dong thought about it and exchanged numbers with them .

Then, Zhang Tianyou turned around and surrounded Zheng Baorui and his daughter .

“What do you guys think you are doing?” Miss Zheng was very scared and asked .

“You b*tch, you almost screwed us all over tonight! We offended Big Brother Cheng! Although he didn’t say much about it, it was still an unpleasant event for him . About this incident, Big Brother Cheng can dismiss it, but we can’t .

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