Chapter 443.1: 443.1

Chapter 443: Hit First, Talk Later (Part One)

Sure enough, as Xu Cheng expected, the country definitely wouldn’t let him leave so easily as it might benefit other nations .

So, the higher-ups were tracking his every move .

But, Xu Cheng was still a bit surprised when he saw someone coming to look for him the very next day .

Ye Xiu!

He came .

When Lin Dong went and picked him up from the airport, Ye Xiu stared at Lin Dong for a long time and finally asked, “You are really my Big Brother Cheng’s apprentice?”

Lin Dong nodded . “I admit that my qualifications are poor, but I can really work very hard, and this time, I also plan on going with my teacher . ”

“Where does your teacher plan on going?” Ye Xiu immediately asked .

Lin Dong shook his head . “Don’t know, he just said he’s heading out of the country . ”

Ye Xiu skeptically withdrew his eyes from Lin Dong and looked out of the window .

Lin Dong curiously asked him, “How should I call you?”

“Just call me Teacher Ye,” Ye Xiu said .

Lin Dong: “I even call Luo Yi and Li ‘Wei Big Brother Luo’ and ‘Big Brother Li’, why should I call you Teacher?”

Ye Xiu glared at him . “So many people can only dream about calling me that . Let me tell you, I am your teacher’s brother by blood . He’s my big brother, what else should you call me if not Teacher as well?”

Lin Dong just kept on driving and they entered Xu Cheng’s villa’s gates .

After getting out of the car, he walked into the villa as he complained, “If I didn’t give you a call, were you not even planning to pick me up at the airport? Such a bad bro . ”

Xu Cheng sipped on his tea and took a smoke before directly asking him, “What are you doing here?”

“What do you mean what am I doing here? Can’t I be here?” Ye Xiu began acting like a little kid . “I can’t even come and hang out with you? You can come to Yanjing to hang out with me, but I really admired Sis-in-Law for a long time now, so I came to see her . Why are you looking at me like this? I’m your little brother . ”

Xu Cheng rolled his eyes at him and didn’t even give him a cig .

Ye Xiu shamelessly sat down and took out his own cig and lit it up . Then, he looked at Lin Dong who was unloading the luggage from the car and pursed up his lips in that direction . “And also, you could’ve found anyone, but why did you find yourself such a student? With your capabilities, countless young talents would want to become your apprentice if you just said the word, but why this kid? He’s got some attitude problems as well . ”

Lin Dong heard Ye Xiu criticizing him, so he walked in and said to Xu Cheng, “Teacher, this guy was trying to find out about your destination from my mouth . ”

Ye Xiu glared at him .

Xu Cheng laughed . “I just like how he doesn’t really blindly respect anyone and only has me in his eyes . I feel assured with such an apprentice . ”

Ye Xiu snorted .

Xu Cheng: “If you don’t say why you are here, then I’m kicking you out . ”

“I’m really here to play, I’m not lying,” Ye Xiu said .

“Then I will give Hu Bing a call and get him to entertain you . I still have stuff to do . ” Xu Cheng was about to pick up his phone .

“No,” Ye Xiu immediately said as he stopped him from calling and bitterly smiled . “Grandpa told me to come . ”

Xu Cheng snorted . “Since when did the almighty Young Master Ye become a tool?”

“I didn’t want to too…” Ye Xiu looked at Xu Cheng as if he was wronged . “Why are you planning to leave the country all of a sudden? And M Nation of all countries… How are you going to give the higher-ups peace of mind? It’s not like they wanted to fire you or anything, everything was following the formal protocol; you broke the laws and you had to be punished . Why are you leaving to go to the M Nation now? You even made me a tool that had to be ordered around to come and find you… No, I mean, a messenger, that came to provide some counseling for you . ”

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