Chapter 444.1: 444.1

Chapter 444: It’s Odd if You Didn’t Get Beaten Up (Part One)

Ye Xiu was originally planning to fight back, but the more he resisted, the harder he got beaten up .

Then, he began just lying there like a dead fish, just letting Xu Cheng have his way .

If one couldn’t resist it, then they might as well just not resist .

But, he realized that Xu Cheng was indeed giving him a heavy beating, and after a few more punches, he let out a scream like a pig getting slaughtered, “Big Brother!! Don’t hit me anymore!”

But it was useless, Xu Cheng’s punches kept on landing .

Just then, Lin Chuxue came back in from watering the plants in the backyard and saw Xu Cheng beating someone up . She walked over and dragged him back . “What are you doing?”

“Sis-in-Law!” Ye Xiu saw Lin Chuxue as if he saw his lord and savior, and he almost cried as he weakly reached out his arm and said, “Sis-in-Law, hold him back . He’s going to beat me to death soon!”

Lin Chuxue looked at the bruises on Ye Xiu’s face and immediately held Xu Cheng back . “Stop it already, what’s going on?”

Xu Cheng said to her, “Don’t get involved in this . ”

“Big Brother, come on man, it’s enough . ” Ye Xiu hurriedly got up and put his arms out, trying to keep a distance . “If you are going to beat me up, at least let me know why . ”

He really didn’t know why Xu Cheng was beating him up, so brutally too .

Lin Chuxue looked over at Ye Xiu and frowned and asked, “Wait, who are you?”

“I’m his little brother,” Ye Xiu pointed at Xu Cheng and said .

Xu Cheng was too lazy to admit it . “No . ”

“Yes!” Ye Xiu said to Lin Chuxue, “Sis-in-Law, I’m Ye Xiu . I’m also from the Ye Family, but not the Behemoth Ye Family, just the side branch . But we still share a fraction of the same blood . ”

Lin Chuxue pinched Xu Cheng on the waist . “Why are you beating him up?”

Xu Cheng glanced at him . “He deserves it!”

“Sis-in-Law, look at him!” Ye Xiu sounded extremely wronged and immediately said, “Look at what he’s saying! I just moved in today with my luggage, and he just beat me up! I’m a guest though!”

“Yeah, I know . ” Xu Cheng walked over and was about to keep on giving him a heavy beating, but Lin Chuxue held him back .

“What are you doing? Xu Cheng, move to the side!”

The empress had spoken, and both sides were immediately separated . Lin Chuxue knew Xu Cheng too well . When they were young, no matter who bullied Lin Chuxue, Xu Cheng would go up and beat them up . And then, even if she were to step in to stop Xu Cheng and grab his arms, it would still be useless, because he could still kick . So, she pointed at the sofa and said, “Go and sit over there . ”

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled . This indeed brought back childhood memories .

After Xu Cheng went to sit on the sofa, Lin Chuxue finally looked at Ye Xiu and apologized, “Don’t mind him, he’s not in a good mood these days . ”

Indeed, Xu Cheng was not in a good mood after hearing that Lin Chuxue wanted to go to the M Nation to study, and of course Lin Chuxue could feel it . So, that was why she had been changing up her cooking every meal to make it up to him .

But the more she was like this, the worse Xu Cheng felt, being reminded that he could not taste such awesome cooking every day anymore .

“Sis-in-Law, you should discipline him more… I especially came over from Yanjing just to hang out with him, yet I was beaten up by him . I feel so wronged,” Ye Xiu said sadly .

Xu Cheng: “Do you believe that I will chuck a table at you?

Ye Xiu’s face slightly changed . “Look at him go again!

Lin Chuxue gritted her teeth and turned around and glared at Xu Cheng . “If you hit him one more time, I’m going to the M Nation and never coming back

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