Chapter 447.2: 447.2

Chapter 447: His Wife Is Actually Not Simple As Well (Part Two)

The other elders all looked at Grandpa Ye, laughed, and said, “Big Brother Ye, you haven’t known that kid for too long, how are you so confident in him?”

Grandpa Ye shook his head . “I’m not confident in him, but I’m confident in Big Brother Zhang Chenfeng . He had been planning the operation to wipe out all four behemoth families for decades, and when even he was thinking of giving up, it was all perfectly executed before he passed away, all because of Xu Cheng . And then, thinking about this whole thing, if you swap Xu Cheng out of the equation with anyone else of similar or greater strength, things really probably wouldn’t have gone this perfectly . Big Brother Zhang Chenfeng’s power should have been above Xu Cheng’s when he was at his prime, yet not even he was confident in carrying out this mission . Yet, Xu Cheng did it . We really have to admit that this brat can come up with a very rigorous plan . ”

Speaking of this, Grandpa Ye thought for a second and said, “About what happened in the Wei Nation, how could he have done it so seamlessly and left no trace? Have you guys thought about it? In fact, from the very beginning, we had been forgetting about one big issue, and it’s not what he was able to accomplish, but how did he do it!”

Grandpa Guo: “If his first objective is really to deal with the remaining mercenaries of the four families, then let’s first bet on whether or not he can wipe out or recruit them, and how long he can upkeep his mercenary group . Then, let’s bet on whether he has the ability to take down the mercenary king and replace him . ”

“A bottle of 50-year-old Maotai (TL Note: very rare and high-class drink in China), I bet the first one, he can do it,” Grandpa Ye immediately said .

Grandpa Guo looked at him and laughed . “I was just waiting for you to say that . ”

Grandpa Zhou: “Big Brother Ye, he already drank all of his and knows you still have a lot; he set a trap for you . ”

Grandpa Ye also laughed and said, “I know he’s short on good alcohol, and that suffering feeling of only being able to take one sip per day in order to conserve his low inventory . So, wait until I win a full bottle from him and drink it right in front of him . Man, that feeling!”

At home, Xu Cheng sneezed .

He rubbed his nose and said, wondering, “Who’s talking badly behind me again?”

Then, he looked at Ye Xiu at the dining table eating, and the latter almost choked as he coughed and said, “Why are you looking at me?”

Xu Cheng: “What are you nervous about?”

Ye Xiu: “This is called nervous? It was clearly because I didn’t have any quilt nor heating in my room and I got a cold . ”

Speaking of this, he even looked over at Lin Chuxue, but when met with the latter’s sharp eyes, Ye Xiu immediately began kissing azz . “Sis-in-Law, your cooking is really good! It’s even better than the chef’s cooking for the high-level officials and commanders! Please, one more bowl! Just looking at these dishes makes me want to eat more . ”

Lin Chuxue glanced at Ye Xiu and said to Lin Dong, “Dong, add one quilt for him tonight . ”

Ye Xiu: “Two bowls please!”

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