Chapter 457.2: 457.2

Chapter 457: Acquiring the Laboratory (Part Two)

“Oh? And then?” Xu Cheng asked .

“But what was surprising was, when I went to find that old man, in fact, he was already in the ICU at the hospital . After his granddaughter got the money, she got a call from the hospital and she actually didn’t even hesitate before going over to pay for the expenses with the money . ”

Xu Cheng: “So she actually still sees that old man as her grandpa . ”

After pausing for a moment, Xu Cheng said, “Stenson, remember, I want a helper that follows orders . If you still want this job, give the remaining 2 million to that old man . Or, if you want the money more than this job, you can take away those two million . ”

“I know what to do now, Boss,” Stenson said and then hung up the call .

Two million was really more than he could earn his entire life as a wealth planner, and it would also be enough for the rest of his life since he could plan this wealth well to make it last . However, he still gave it to the old man and then came back to report to Xu Cheng .

After getting into Xu Cheng’s car, Stenson saw the extended Maybach and the interior and was a bit shocked .

“Looks like I was hired by a pretty rich boss,” Stenson felt the luxurious interior and said .

Xu Cheng looked at him with a serious face and said, “If you follow me, I will not treat you badly . But, you have to remember my principles . Don’t try to make decisions yourself or play petty little tricks . What’s yours will be yours, and what’s not yours can’t be forced . ”

Then, Xu Cheng passed a card to him and said, “There are 600 million dollars in here . You can manage and invest the money, and I will call you when I need it . In the future, there will be money coming in from time to time . Don’t ask about it, no matter how much the amount is . ”

When Stenson heard that there was 600 million in that card, his pupils contracted slightly .

Looks like he really underestimated this humble-looking Asian man .

And from what Xu Cheng said, it was also a subtle reminder that he had not yet gained the boss’s trust, so he was in no place to ask questions about the money!

“As for your salary, take 100 thousand dollars per month for now . ”

Stenson was a bit touched . “Thank you so much, Boss!”

A hundred thousand per month, that was more than a million per year! This was already a top-tier salary for the financial planners at Wall Street .

“If there’s nothing else, you can get off the car now,” Xu Cheng said .

Stenson nodded . He put the Koman Lab’s key in the car . Lin Dong parked the car by the side of the street and Stenson left . He knew, the more money he had in his hands, the more careful he has to be . After all, someone that can just give him 600 million dollars so casually probably has a million ways to kill him .

To be honest, it was Stenson’s first time managing this much money, he was feeling a bit excited .

“Teacher, where are we going?”

“The Koman Lab,” Xu Cheng picked up the keys and said .

Lin Dong nodded and drove over .

That old man Koman already took away his personal belongings, and Xu Cheng had Lin Dong wait outside as he went into the lab himself .

Cell resuscitation .

When Xu Cheng heard Koman talk about this project, he actually had a desire to give it a try!

It seemed that whenever he touched water, his wounds could repair itself; would that count as cell resuscitation?

Xu Cheng had a sense of urgency to try this crazy experiment . Could his blood actually have this ability?

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