Chapter 464.2: 464.2

Chapter 464: Proof (Part Two)

The four bosses nodded .

“We will all listen to Mr . Fang’s arrangements . ”

After all, they were only responsible for taking precautionary measures against the cops . As for how the operation goes, they couldn’t really intervene so they were also smart enough to listen to everything Xu Cheng says .

And that was also why Xu Cheng likes, to be working with smart people .

After the meal was done, Saar’s confidant came in and said, “Mr . Fang, that FBI guy found your car . Should we take care of him for you?”

“No need . ” Xu Cheng shook his head . “We didn’t break any laws, we are just gambling normally under broad daylight . Just let him do his thing, I will play with him . The afternoon operation will go as scheduled, see you at the old place . ”

Then, Xu Cheng wiped his mouth and stood up . “Let’s go, Dong . ”

Lin Dong led the way at the front .

When the two arrived downstairs at the door of the restaurant, the mafia guys already drove their car over and parked it at the front .

Xu Cheng got onto the car, and when Lin Dong was about to drive off, their path was blocked off by Withers’s car .

This obviously meant Withers wasn’t about to let Xu Cheng leave .

Just when Withers got off the car and was about to go to Xu Cheng’s to open his door, who would’ve thought someone from the mafia would suddenly slam a baseball bat at his car’s window?


Withers immediately turned around and shouted at the thug, “Hey!”

He immediately pulled out his gun and aimed at the guy .

The thug raised his hands . “Arrest me . ”

Withers knew this [email protected] was just trying to divert his attention .

Sure enough, when he turned around, Xu Cheng’s car already turned around and left . He could only drag that thug to the police station to file a report to get compensation .

– Afternoon –

Xu Cheng was sitting in an outdoor cafe on Pedestrian Street .

Withers, who already returned from the police station, found him, directly sat across from his chair, and looked at him . “Coming to cheat and plunder money again? I’m going to just watch you, and I will see how you managed to know the results of the gambling tables before they are revealed . I’m very shocked, are there actually insiders in the casinos helping you out? Is it the dealers? Just how did you guys do it? How did you get the final answer? Could it be that you already have a piece of technology that can see through everything on the table?”

Xu Cheng looked at him in the eyes and said nonchalantly, “Sir, in fact, you also know this case is very difficult to handle . It’s because these are legal casinos, and it’s normal for people to come in and gamble and leave with winnings . Besides, you guys have no evidence that these guys have been cheating . So, allow me to ask, what charges are you going to put on them? Just because the Las Vegas casinos pay a lot of tax money to you guys doesn’t mean you can’t allow guests to leave with money won, right? Or what kind of justice would that be?”

Withers angrily said, “I know you guys cheated, there must be moles on the casino side . Otherwise, your guys wouldn’t be looking at their phones before they place down their bets . It was you who is telling them the answers, right? So who the fack told you the answers? You must have a team behind you working on it, someone that can accurately predict the result or know the result . This is a crime!”

“Oh, really?” Xu Cheng revealed a devious smile . “You mean, we worked together with people inside the casino to achieve a profit? Then can you tell me, how did the people inside the casino find out about the results? For instance, the person that’s shaking the dice, strictly speaking, they probably don’t even know what number they shook, so your accusation feels a bit weak . ”

Withers was exasperated . “But you guys were able to win every time, there must be some trick, and that’s illegal gambling . ”

“Then how can we prove that we had no help from inside and it’s all based on our own capabilities?” Xu Cheng said .

Withers: “Sure, pass me your phone, let me see if someone sent you the answers and how you sent other people your answers . Or, just put your phone on the table unlocked right now and let’s see if there’s someone sending you answers . ”

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