Chapter 487.2: 487.2

Chapter 487: Old Man’s Gone (Part Two)

Minister Ye was rendered speechless by his dad, but he couldn’t help it, that was just his dad’s temper . He bitterly smiled as he stood up and asked everyone to go out to the yard beside the four other elders . Then, at the front yard, he told everyone the old man’s request, and those guys obviously didn’t dare to be dissatisfied by the request . They all left out of the front gate .

After coming back, he curiously asked Xu Cheng in a low voice, “What did you say to the old man? Look at how excited he became . ”

“Not much, I just said that since he’s gonna die anyway, he might as well let me give it a try to cure him . The result obviously can’t be much worse than now . ”

Minister Ye: “You studied medicine before?”

Xu Cheng: “I’ve been learning it since I went away this time . ”

Minister Ye: “Why did you go into medicine all of a sudden? You suddenly found your conscience and want to save lives now?”

Xu Cheng awkwardly coughed . “No, it’s to understand human biology to kill better in the future . ”

Minister Ye: “…”

“Uncle Ye, can you invite these three doctors out too? I don’t want them to step up and judge my methods . The old man doesn’t have much time left, so I don’t have time to argue with the three doctors . ”

Minister Ye: “That might not be possible . They are also responsible for assessing for a death report after the old man passes away . ”

“Forget it, I will do it myself then . ” Then, Xu Cheng went to the bedside and said to those three doctors, “Uncles(TL note: a polite way to address people one generation older than you in China), do you feel that the old man can still be rescued?”

The three of them exchanged a look and shook their heads . “We’ve tried our best, it was already not easy to help him extend his days to now . But, as long as Elder Ye isn’t dead, we won’t give up, and we will do everything possible to keep him breathing . ”

“Then can you let me try?” Xu Cheng said .

“What did you say?” The three of them were shocked . “Who do you think Elder Ye is? A random cat or dog on the streets? Let you try? What formality is that?”

“I’m no different than a cat or dog on the streets now,” at this time, the old man faintly said .

Xu Cheng glanced at him and said, “No, you are even worse than a cat or dog . You are almost as dead as a log right now . ”

The old man looked at those three doctors and said, “Let him try . ”

The three doctors were all taken aback . “How can this be done? Elder Ye, you can’t joke with your own life!”

“I’m not joking . ” The old man bitterly smiled, and he said to Xu Cheng, “Come closer, let me talk to you . ”

Xu Cheng sat down, leaned over to the old man’s mouth and the old man softly said, “Since I will die in your hands, take this guilt and in the future, when necessary, I hope you can take care of Little Xiu or the future generation of the Ye Family . ”

In fact, he didn’t expect Xu Cheng to save him at all . He knew he was going to die, so he thought it would be fine to hand over his body to Xu Cheng to practice . Just like he said, in the future when the Ye Family doesn’t have a strong background anymore, Xu Cheng could still lend a hand and help out .

Xu Cheng obviously guessed what the old man had planned . He bitterly smiled . “Yeah . ”

In this case, three of the most authoritative doctors in the nation had tried their best, the old man was obviously not holding onto any more hope .

Besides the accumulated illness in his body, Elder Ye was also at the end of his lifecycle . It was about time .

Xu Cheng directly took out a box from his jacket’s pocket, and the box had been vacuumed sealed to ensure that the syringes weren’t contaminated . He took out a syringe and was about to inject it into the old man’s vein, but at that moment, Elder Ye’s electrocardiogram flatlined, and the “beeee” sound sounded .

Everyone was dead silent .

Dead .

Xu Cheng sat by the bedside, not knowing whether he should continue with the needle in his hand .

Ye Xiu grabbed onto his wrist and sighed, “Big Brother Cheng, let’s respect the deceased; leave him some dignity . ”

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