Chapter 507.2: 507.2

Chapter 507: Farewell Party (Part Two)

“Back then, there was a master of brilliance . There were so many women that were madly infatuated with him, but there were also a few uglies trying to stir up trouble . But, they couldn’t beat that guy . In the end, if it wasn’t because that person decided to be single for the rest of his life, there wouldn’t be us in the following generation . So, still holding a grudge, those uglies never liked that flamboyant master, but they couldn’t beat him, even until the day he died . They could only bury the grudge deep inside their hearts . But now, the disciple of that master appeared, and those uglies felt that they could vent their anger out on the disciple . So, tomorrow’s banquet is a big trap . ”

Xu Cheng was suddenly enlightened . “But wait, Uncle Pei, what do you mean there wouldn’t be you as the following generation . ”

Ye Pei: “Tsk tsk, if that master was a big-time playboy, then would my mom have married my dad?”

Xu Cheng sighed . “So it turned out that my master was such a flamboyant master of brilliance . But how come I don’t find him handsome at all?”

Ye Pei: “Brat, sometimes women don’t just like you because you are handsome . Like you, you look so ordinary yet your wife is so pretty, it’s the same logic . ”

Xu Cheng didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry .

Minister Ye said, “Just like me, I look handsome, but I don’t have enough to show off like you guys . Women are different, especially those from back then; they didn’t have too much education nor knowledge, and once they had a crush on someone, they would be pretty stubborn with their target for a long time . That was why Zhang Chenfeng got the first-mover advantage when he started showing his face everywhere after joining the army early . When he was already a superstar, I think my dad was still a bandit somewhere in the mountains . ”

Xu Cheng nodded .

Ye Pei continued to say, “Even before my mom died, she took a sneak at Zhang Chenfeng’s photo . Sigh, women from that era, how should I put it? It’s like people nowadays fangirling over a big-time celebrity, it could only be described as horrifying . ”

Xu Cheng saw the wounds on Minister Ye’s face and asked, “Uncle Pei, what happened to your face . ”

Ye Pei immediately put a cold towel on the bruised part and said, “Nothing . I’ve really put my life on the line to warn you about tomorrow to thank you for the syringe you gave me . Just be careful tomorrow . My suggestion is to just ignore them . As they aged, I don’t see their power growing much, but their temper sure did . ”

Then, he patted Xu Cheng on the shoulder and then slipped back into his own room .

Xu Cheng smiled . It turned out that there was such an interesting story from that generation . Looks like that old man Zhang Chenfeng didn’t lie to him . He was indeed a flamboyant master that robbed the hearts of many women .

– On the next day –

The old man saw Xu Cheng coming out to brush his teeth so he said to him, “Remember, the old restaurant, brat . You don’t have to come, but I will just take it as Zhang Chenfeng took in a disciple with no balls . ”

Then, Elder Ye got onto the sedan with the red-flag in front and drove out of the manor .

Ye Xiu brushed his teeth as he said to Xu Cheng, “It’s really just a lie saying it was a farewell banquet for you . Many people are going to congratulate the five elders on their recovery, so it doesn’t really concern you much . You don’t have to go . Now that they all returned to their prime state, they haven’t been able to find a suitable person to spar with . Since you are the recognized number 1, they want to fight you . You saw last night as well, those guys are still like barbarians despite their old age, so I don’t recommend you going to the banquet . ”

Xu Cheng: “Didn’t you hear what the old man said just now? I hate people saying that I have no balls . ”

Ye Xiu mocked, “Pretty much . That day, she was so hot yet you didn’t do anything . You indeed have no balls . ”

Xu Cheng smacked him on the head . “Two completely different situations!”

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