Chapter 509.1: 509.1

Chapter 509: I Finally Get How My Teacher Felt (Part One)

The five grandpas were busy vomiting, they indeed couldn’t summon any strength and their legs felt soft .

After being beaten up by Xu Cheng, they pointed at Xu Cheng and shamelessly said, “How dare you! You shameless brat!”

“I don’t know what you guys are saying . ” Xu Cheng played dumb and kept on hitting them .

Elder Ye wanted to attack him from behind, but Xu Cheng landed a back kick on him, he glared right back . “I’m your grandpa, how dare you hit me!”

“I drank too much, what are you talking about?” Xu Cheng jumped over and began treating him with another barrage of punches .

When the other four elders finally recovered a bit of their strength, they roared and attacked at Xu Cheng at the same time .

Xu Cheng just stood there, suddenly revealing a sly smile at them .

Not knowing why, the five elders all felt something incredibly eerie when they saw that smile .

Was there a trap?

But their fists were already approaching Xu Cheng and they couldn’t retreat anymore .


Their fists landed on Xu Cheng’s back, chest, and other places, and the impacts let out loud sounds .

It was the dull sound of landing a punch on the big golden bell in big Buddhist temples .

Immediately after…

“Facking fackity fack!”

The five elders almost cried as they retracted their arms in pain .

“What kind of steel clothing are you wearing?”

Xu Cheng just activated his tortoiseshell mode . Not to mention their fists, he could even take bullets and bombs .

After fending off the five elders, Xu Cheng went up and began beating up Elder Ye again .

Elder Ye was on the ground with his nose bleeding as he shouted, “I’m your blood-related grandpa!”

Xu Cheng stopped his punch, and at that moment, Elder Ye thought he caught the blank and turned around and attacked him right away . But, his fist landed on the tortoiseshell-like shell .

“Aiyo, my fist!” Elder Ye’s tears began streaming down his cheeks again .

“I think it’s best if I hit you . ” Seeing how Elder Ye felt more pain hitting him than getting it, Xu Cheng decided to punch Elder Ye in the stomach and send him flying to end his suffering .

The other four elders grew smarter . They quickly arrived at Xu Cheng, trying to lock him down and entangle him at melee range instead of attacking head on .

But, when they entangled Xu Cheng with their legs and arms wrapped around him, Xu Cheng suddenly turned to look at them with a smile . “Want me to take you on another ride?”

The four elders suddenly felt their b-ttholes cringe .

How the fack could they play with him?

Elder Xing directly threw a tantrum . “How the fack is this fair? Could it be just you one-sidedly beat us up?”

Xu Cheng said, “You guys can hit me too . ”

The four elders almost coughed up blood upon remembering how much it hurts to punch Xu Cheng .

“Not fighting anymore . This is even more infuriating than fighting Zhang Chenfeng!” Elder Guo waved his hand .

At this time, Xu Cheng burped from the alcohol . “Come on, aren’t we going to have a good fight or nah?”

It seemed like Xu Cheng was going in mad-dog mode, and the four elders couldn’t leave at all anymore . On the surrounding tables from afar, the members of the five families just watched the one-sided fight of Xu Cheng beating up the five old men .

The five elders immediately shouted at Ye Xiu and the others . “Aren’t you guys going to come and stop this brat? Are you all drunk too?”

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