Chapter 510.1: 510.1

Chapter 510: The Magnificent Act the Four Behemoth Families Wanted to Accomplish (Part One)

Xu Cheng received a secret meeting code that he had previously created with Luo Yi, so he went to the hotel and knocked on a door . Luo Yi came to open the door, and Xu Cheng saw that the big burly Luo Yi had become a lot darker after just a few months .

The two of them walked towards the living room .

Xu Cheng got straight to the point . “How is it?’

Luo Yi: “The water’s very deep, and there are also many masters . The most important thing is that, you can buy weapons from all nations over there, as long as you have money . ”

“How much of the one billion dollars I gave you are left? Why didn’t I see you requesting for more funds later on?”

Luo Yi said with a bitter smile, “There’s no way to use it . Right now, our registered mercenary group only has a size of 50 people . We also gathered some hungry local refugees and gave them food and drink, and taught them basic defense and firearm skills . Although the scale is small and can’t be compared to those bigger mercenary groups, we do have very solid monetary funding and have enough supplies . Right now, the territory we claimed has a base of about 160 acres in size . ”

Xu Cheng asked, “How’s the overall strength of the entire Land of Mercenaries?”

Luo Yi said solemnly, “Very powerful! Far stronger than we expected . ”

Xu Cheng: “What do you mean?”

Luo Yi: “You might be surprised by this, but we actually saw many top-tier masters over there . There were many retired special force elites from the M Nation that actually hid deep in that land . Not just the M Nation, there were retired elites behind all those big mercenary groups that were backed by nations . When you put those retired military elites in that land, they thrive like fish in the water . It’s no wonder that the place is always so chaotic . Over the past two months, we were attacked many times by other mercenary groups . It’s a bit unrealistic to expand, the king of mercenaries, Kush, absolutely doesn’t allow private mercenary groups that aren’t backed by nations to expand to a bigger scale . We were warned quite a few times too, and over a dozen recruits were killed . This is also why we didn’t ask for more funds from you, Big Brother Cheng . We have a lot of supplies, weapons, and ammunition stocked up, but we couldn’t find enough men that are willing to join us . Many of the lone wolves saw our scale and don’t want to consider joining at all . ”

“Just wait for a bit longer then, wait for my return . Hide with Li Wei first and get familiarized with that land . Just focus on doing intelligence work,” Xu Cheng said .

He still needed to spend a bit more time to perfect his genetic medicine . When he returned to the Three Swordsmen, it would be the time he conquers and expands his territory!

Luo Yi nodded . Speaking of intel, he asked, “Big Brother Cheng, that intelligence base of yours, has it been established yet?”

Xu Cheng: “I’ve recruited the personnel needed, and right now we are invading a few nations’ defense networks to steal their intel . But right now, it’s useless to be anxious . After this is all optimized, I will join you guys . Just be careful with Li Wei, and during this period, let’s focus on recruiting elites, even if they are rare, over just any people to fill the number . Remember, since we are in the Land of Mercenaries, then we only want people that have the ambition to fight with their lives on the line for the future . I’m not worried that they are too ambitious, I’m worried my guys aren’t ambitious enough . The first rule of doing things under me is to have the balls to do it!”

Luo Yi nodded . “We did make good friends with a few lone wolves over there . You will see them when you come . Although they aren’t as strong as me or Li Wei, they have quite a few wild dreams and are very capable too . ”

Xu Cheng nodded . “Have you seen the remnant mercenary groups previously raised by the four behemoth families?”

Luo Yi nodded . “Those four families indeed invested a lot of money into that land back then . It could be said that those four families’ mercenary groups are leaders in that land only below Kush’s group . Back then, maybe the four behemoth families wanted to establish a nation of their own in that land, but unexpectedly, many nations seemed to be interested in that land, so they couldn’t really make much progress later on . ”

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