Chapter 516.2: 516.2

Chapter 516: The Auction That Caught the Globe’s Attention (Part Two)

That means, with the revenue from the tickets and broadcasting licenses alone, he was already able to make 7 million!

This was also why the other auction houses were in deep regret . This was also just how much the Santander Auction House can make . If it were the other larger auction houses, with more than a thousand seats and enough to host 200 media companies, that income would be even more ridiculous!

The boss was so happy that he immediately agreed to waive the commission fee they were going to charge . That means, if they successfully auction the medicine, the auction house won’t charge a dime . But of course, that would be if Dr . Hawking is fine .

That night, the world’s attention was gathered here, and all the cameras were pointed towards the stage at the host . He dressed the best he could, feeling like he was at the Oscars or something being watched by the whole world, he couldn’t help but feel the pressure and excitement .

In the past, he wouldn’t waste too much time talking . But he prepared a lot of jokes for tonight, knowing that there would be no better time to present his professionalism to the world than now .

“Alright, we will cut to the chase . I believe many of the guests here tonight are patients, your time may be even more precious than those of the entrepreneurs . I’m afraid that if I delay it any further, someone might faint and die here . Alright, then let’s get straight into it . Please look towards the big screen . ”

The screen displayed a clear picture of the only two doses of medicine . The host loudly announced, “That’s right, two days ago, on this stage, the guests that attended the auction were skeptical about the effectiveness of this drug . So, we’ve invited someone that we are all very familiar with to test the effectiveness of this medicine . Here, we would like to express our gratitude towards Dr . Hawking to be able to pull time out of his busy schedule to come and accept the treatment! Can we get a round of applause for Dr . Hawking, please!”

The audiences all began clapping .

“Then, let us welcome the guest that the audiences around this whole world have been eager to see, Dr . Stephen Hawking!”

From behind the stage, Hawking’s guardian pushed his wheelchair onto the stage . On the stage, there were two exquisite glass boxes, and spotlights were shone upon those two with cameras focused on them to be able to project a clear image onto the screen .

Dr . Hawking indeed showed up on the stage! His guardian as well! This indeed shocked everyone as there was still a part of them being skeptical about whether he would show up or not .

The host asked Dr . Hawking’s guardian, “To be honest, are you afraid of this treatment?”

“Of course I am . If this experiment fails and damages my dad’s health even more, I will definitely sue the Mandala Lab!” Hawking’s son, who was also the guardian, said forcefully .

Hawking typed on the keyboard . “Let’s begin, I’m already prepared . Just ignore him . If this fails, I’m willing to let my life be one of the stones that pave the path for the future of medicine . ”

The crowd immediately applauded .

Lin Chuxue exclaimed, “I really hope this medicine can save this elder . ”

“It will . ” The corner of Xu Cheng’s mouth lifted up into a smile . “He’s the founder of quantum science, maybe I will need him!”

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