Chapter 517.2: 517.2

Chapter 517: Coming Back to Life (Part Two)

“Those guys are probably from other medical institutions . ” Xu Cheng smiled and expressed his disdain .

Those guys were indeed medical scientists and influential scholars . Of course they were in disbelief and denial that an unknown lab of such a tiny scale was able to develop something that could win the war against cancer .

They couldn’t wait to destroy the Mandala Lab . If this small lab actually succeeded, how embarrassing would it be for them to have tried for all those years and made comparably insignificant progress?

“Everyone, please be patient and wait, the treatment is not over . ” The staff that did the injection pointed at the electrocardiogram and said to the audiences, “This can prove that at least Dr . Hawking isn’t dead yet . Maybe it is the drug beginning to play an effect on his body . For every drug out there, it would need time to be absorbed by the body . This medicine is already being absorbed and exerting an effect after just thirty minutes . Just as the scientist pointed out earlier, Dr . Hawking’s body is now at least able to regain the reception of pain . His body is at least able to experience pain and be able to resist . This is the sign of benign progression in terms of Dr . Hawking’s condition, isn’t it?”

The audiences all fell silent as they quietly watched the operating table/bed, afraid to miss a frame .

But soon as the staff finished his explanation, the electrocardiogram stopped .

The whole crowd remained dead silent briefly after that, even the sound of a needle falling onto the ground could be heard right now .

And at the next moment, the audiences went into an uproar . The guys from the other big hospitals and medical institutions immediately went off!

“Dead! Unscrupulous lab! You guys killed the great Dr . Hawking! His heartbeat stopped! Did you see that? Fack! I’m furious! How dare you guys conduct such an unsafe experiment on the greatest physicist of the generation! And to broadcast his death to the world? You guys are just willing to give up and do anything for attention and views!”

“Yeah! What kind of medical ethics could a small lab like this have? This is ridiculous! Did you see this now? Dr . Hawking’s dead!”

“Our medical institution had been working on a cure for cancer for decades, and even we are still incapable against cancer! Such a small lab could actually accomplish something? So ridiculous! It’s such a pity that our great Dr . Hawking had to end up paying the price! He’s a genius, and you guys killed the genius that contributed so much for physics!”

At this time, both behind the stage and off the stage, chaos broke out!

The media immediately began capturing the chaotic atmosphere . Oh, how they hoped for the chaos to be even bigger, because that would only mean more views and more engagement for their news broadcast!

Some reporters even fought to try and get up onto the stage to try and photograph Dr . Hawking’s body . What if that was the last photo of him that would ever be allowed to be taken? These things were all money in their eyes!

The guardian from backstage immediately ran out . Seeing that Hawking’s electrocardiogram had stopped, he immediately began roaring, “You facking scammers! Con artists! Motherfackers! I’m going to sue you all to death! The British Government won’t let the Mandala Lab off the hook!”

Fortunately, the organizer arranged for the police to come here and maintain order, so at least there was some order and no fights broke out .

Just then, the staff member, who had already received Lin Dong’s heads-up and instruction ahead of time, raised his head and said, “Everyone! Please be patient! The treatment is still not over!”

“The guy’s already dead, and it’s still not over? Are you guys going to abuse the dead body too? Don’t go too far! He’s a great prodigy!”

People were getting even more furious, especially those from Britain . After all, Hawking was from their country .

Just then, the staff brought out a bucket of water and directly dumped it onto Hawking’s body .

The audience both at the scene and behind screens were all shocked .

But what shocked them to their core was what happened right after!

As if summoning the soul back into the body, Hawking suddenly got up and sat upright, gasping for air . It felt as if he had been put underwater and wasn’t allowed to breathe for a long time . Suddenly, when he was allowed to climb out of the water, he exhausted all of his energy to do so, as if coming back to life!

The whole world watched the Hawking on stage gasping for air, and looking at his chest heaving up and down and the guy sitting upright, everyone’s eyes and jaws almost dropped onto the ground!

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