Chapter 519.2: 519.2

Chapter 519: A Half-Hour Delay (Part Two)

As soon as the decision to postpone the auction was announced, those guests that weren’t prepared enough immediately picked up the phone and began dialing .

Even those that were prepared began dialing to get more money . They all called their contacts to temporarily summon all their wealth to banks in the M Nation as soon as possible .

“Hello? Linda? Yes, I’m at the auction, you saw it too on TV, it’s miraculous! It can save Dad’s life! Yes, no matter how much, hurry up and mortgage all the assets we have, get as much cash you can and wire it onto my card in the M Nation . Hurry, we only have half an hour!”

“Hello? Gul’dan, don’t stop me, the medicine is real . I’ve decided! Today, I will get it at all costs! Even if I become a homeless person! I have connections, I can rise to wealth again, but if I die, then nothing matters anymore, understand? I know you want to inherit my money after I die, but let me tell you, if you don’t wire over all the money we have, I won’t give you a cent! I will donate it all to charity!”

“Hello? Lawyer Fang, if you are watching the live broadcast, you already know . Please put all the assets under my name on collateral to secure as much as cash as you can and wire it to me immediately . Listen, if you fack this up, you don’t have to come to work tomorrow . ”

“Don’t worry, Boss, at the moment Mr . Hawking woke up, I’ve already got everything prepared!”

“You are such a competent lawyer!”

Lin Chuxue watched as the people around her frantically made phone calls . Some were worried that they wouldn’t be fast enough and even began cursing on the phone . It was obvious how crazy they have become because of the drug . Seeing all this, Lin Chuxue said to Xu Cheng, “Looks like we won’t join the party tonight . ”

Xu Cheng: “If you want, I can also bid for you . ”

“Nah, I’m scared . ” Lin Chuxue smiled . “Look at all these people, they are either desperate to live themselves or they are desperate to get it for their family to save lives . But, even if I get it, I was just going to use it to preserve my youth . If those tycoons knew about it, wouldn’t they find all kinds of ways to torture me in the future?

Xu Cheng: “In fact, not all of them are here to save a life . I feel that there are a few out there that just want to see if they can get lucky . It’s already said that there’s only one dose left, and as long as it’s a reasonable and affordable price, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get it and keep it in case of future emergencies . Or you know, if someone like a Dubai royalty or Steve Jobs (wasn’t dead yet when this chap was written) gets sick, they could obviously sell it to them at a ridiculous return on investment . There are too many people with money, and when it was them in the situation of facing a terminal illness, whether it is a couple of hundred million or a couple of hundred billion, people would probably even use all of their wealth and also borrow more money to buy this to extend their life . ”

Half an hour later, the auction continued as planned . During this process, the police already called in reinforcements to guard around the medicine, the only dose that was left in this world . At a time like this, anything crazy could happen .

Lin Dong told Xu Cheng, within that half hour, some tycoons even tried to directly contact the Mandala Lab, trying to see if they could go through the backdoor to intercept the medicine, and wondering if they could use any assets as collaterals too .

But, they couldn’t find the contact information anywhere, and when they try to ask the auction house, they obviously wouldn’t leak Lin Dong’s information .

When the host walked back onto the stage, he announced, “Now, the auction will officially begin! Everyone, please go back to your seats! For whoever that successfully wins the auction, we will provide treatment for him on the spot, and let him leave this auction house with their health and youth restored!”

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