Chapter 520.2: 520.2

Chapter 520: Breaking the World Auction Record (Part Two)

At this time, another old man in a white beard raised his sign and said, “2 . 1 billion!”

Although there were tons of people that was worth more than this, not even including the invisible wealthy families that like to lay lowkey, only a handful could take out over 2 billion of cash right away . And with today’s auction, due to promotion and credibility, it wasn’t able to attract the largest whales out there, but for the people here today, being able to afford 2 billion upfront proved that they are indeed among the richest here .

People could be worth a lot more, but that included all kinds of assets under their name, such as real estate, company shares, and so on . But to be able to have 2 billion in cash? That was a whole new level .

“Our friend from Russia with 2 . 1 billion! Do we see a higher price? 2 . 1 billion going once!”

The host looked around, and he shrugged his shoulders and smiled . “Then, the only dose of this medicine left in the whole world, it’s going to change hands at the price of 2 . 1 billion?”

“2 . 1 billion twice!”

The old man in a white beard, his palms were covered in sweat .

At this time, the Middle Eastern tycoon suddenly raised his sign again . “2 . 5 billion!”

The host’s words “only dose left” really broke this old man’s psychological barrier .

Who would give up on something when their life was on the line?

Some people might think, holy fack, what if you had just been a bit more patient, and maybe this lab would make another dose in the next month or something?

But what if they don’t? Once cancer reaches the late stage, what the best doctors in the world could do was just to extend your life by a few more months . Your life would really not be in your hands anymore . It’s like you don’t respect our Big Brother Cancer over here at all . You want to live for a bit longer? Have you asked our Big Brother Cancer for permission?

You still want to wait for Mandala to come out with another dose? Did you ask Big Brother Cancer if he would be willing to wait for that long with you?

Even if the Mandala Lab comes out with a few in the next year, could you guarantee that you would be able to win the bid by then?

If the real big whales of capitalism are here today, you think you can take this medicine away with just a mere 2 . 5 billion? Haha!

The white-bearded elder almost coughed up blood and fell from his wheelchair when he saw the Middle Eastern tycoon snatch this medicine away from his hands .

“2 . 55 billion!” At this time, the Russian billionaire raised his sign .

The Middle Eastern Tycoon raised it again . “3 billion! I’m determined to get this medicine today, no matter what!”

The local tycoon of the M Nation showed a hint of fury . He looked at the Middle Eastern Tycoon and scolded, “You aren’t even ill! Why are you trying so hard to get this?!”

“I’m not sick now doesn’t mean I won’t get sick in the future . There’s only one dose right now, and what if no more comes out in the future? I need this! Right now, I’m not short on money anyways, why wouldn’t I try to buy it? You’ve probably been to our Dubai city, right? It’s like heaven there, why wouldn’t I want to live for a few more years?”

“3 billion!”

This price had already broken the world record of 1 . 4 billion dollars at auctions! (TL note: at the time of this chapter being written)

It also surpassed the last record real quick and by a wide margin!

The dose was just shy of 20 ml, and calling this liquid diamond would even be an insult since it was so much more expensive .

It basically meant each ml of this serum was equal to 150 million dollars!

The whole world was shocked!

It wouldn’t even matter what limited-edition handbags or watches you have, what cars you have, what paintings you have . In the future, just one sentence of “I once bought the medicine made by the Mandala Lab” was enough to beat all the showoffs in the world .

It was because, even a drop of this would be enough for you to struggle for several lifetimes to pay for!

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