Chapter 522.2: 522.2

Chapter 522: Interception (Part Two)

It was because the quantum mechanics he studied was one of the greatest discoveries in physics .

Right now, quantum weapons were even more powerful than nuclear weapons, and its existence was invisible yet lethal .

And right now, the latest level quantum mechanics mastered could diffuse 50% of the power from nuclear explosions! Once this technology was completely mastered, then nuclear weapons in this world would be basically useless in the face of this . Whoever could develop this anti-matter technology would pretty much be able to dominate the world!

So, since Hawking was the pioneer in this field, the M Nation obviously wouldn’t let him easily go back to the UK and potentially develop it into the M Nation’s deadliest enemy .

Xu Cheng: “You feel that your country can pick you up and escort you home safely?”

Hawking said blankly, “Don’t know . I think the M Nation won’t let me enter the UK borders . ”

Xu Cheng: “I think on your way back, you will probably encounter some kind of danger . ”

Hawking: “After I get on the plane, there will be UK fighter jets escorting, so it should be fine . ”

Xu Cheng: “What if they don’t let you board then?”

Hawking became silent . He blankly looked over at Xu Cheng, and after a while, he said, “Young man, you do see through a lot of things in this world . ”

“I just don’t want something to happen to you,” Xu Cheng smiled and said .

Hawking looked at him and asked, “Give me a reason . People won’t be concerned for a stranger for no reason . ”

“Very simple . After you die on the road, the M Nation government would probably say it was due to some kind of side effect from the Mandala Lab’s product, and it would probably end up being our lab that gets damaged . This is like a two-birds-one-stone kind of deal for the M Nation government . The government couldn’t get involved with our technology, nor Wall Street or other capitalists in the country, so being an entity beyond their control, they would only want to destroy it . By they, I mean, the capitalists behind this country .

Hawking nodded understandingly . “What idea do you have then? If I can’t even trust nations, who else can I trust?”

Xu Cheng looked at him and smiled . “Hope you can get back to your country safely . ”

“Thanks . But I still owe you a favor . If there’s a chance for me to repay you in the future, don’t hesitate to come and find me . ” After Hawking said that, he got up and left Saar’s villa .

Then, the people of the Mexican gangs brought him back to the M Nation . There was the MI6 team protecting him at all times, trying to guarantee his safety until he returned to the U . K .

And after five days of tough negotiation between the two countries, the M Nation finally agreed for Hawking’s request to go back .

At a hotel window with a view of the British Embassy in the M Nation, Li Wei withdrew his look from the embassy and looked at Xu Cheng who was putting on a mask and was getting ready . “Big Brother Cheng, I don’t get why you want to save this old man . ”

“He’s useful to me, at least in the future for our organization, so he can’t die . Otherwise, it would just be a waste for me to save him in the first place,” Xu Cheng said .

“But you don’t have to personally go out there, right? If you get exposed, things can go sour real fast . ”

“Because I’m the only one that can save him . You think the CIA could take down Hawking with the MI6 escorting? I think another organization will take action . ”

“The 5th Division?” Li Wei narrowed his eyes .

Xu Cheng nodded . “Their capabilities are top-notch, and they are very reliable . I think if the National Defense department wants to make sure something happens, they will ask for the 5th Division’s help . They visited us before, so I will just give them a surprise this time . ”

Li Wei got pretty excited . “Damn, I want to be in on this one too . ”

“No need, just get ready to pick me up . Tell Lin Dong, let Caesar get ready . I need his satellite network to fully monitor this operation,” Xu Cheng said .

Li Wei nodded and took out a telescope and saw Hawking walking out of the embassy, being escorted by many . “They are en route . ”

Xu Cheng quickly walked out of the hotel as he put a micro earpiece into his ear .

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