Chapter 524.2: 524.2

Chapter 524: Left Behind a Mess (Part Two)

“We have eyes on the bus,” one of them reported to their HQ .

“Take caution, ensure the safety of our men on the bus . Also, make sure that Dr . Hawking is alive . ”

“Got it,” Two Ford SUVs reported to the HQ .

They were waiting on a red light, but Xu Cheng’s side already got its greenlight . He suddenly accelerated and made a big left turn . He was going straight for those two Ford cars .

When the people on the Ford SUVs realized what was happening, their eyes opened up wide and they couldn’t react in time at all . There were cars behind them and on their sides waiting for the red light as well, and when they thought about making a U-turn, it was already too late . The big bus drove as if the driver was drunk, and it swung its head directly towards them .


The quality of the buses in the M Nation weren’t something that could be compared to Ford SUVs . Those two cars were directly destroyed by the bus, and even the cars behind them were affected .

The collision was extremely serious, and the people on the front seats of the first Ford were directly crushed into a pie .

The people at the back all shook violently due to the impact, swaying from side to side and immediately falling unconscious . The chained collision caused huge chaos at the intersection, affecting many vehicles .

Xu Cheng put the bus in reverse for a bit . He wasn’t planning to withdraw, but he continued to step on the accelerator and came into intimate contact with those two Ford SUVs again .


“Sh-t! He’s doing it on purpose! He knows who we are!” The people on the second car saw that something was fishy, but when the driver wanted to try and avoid the bus, it was already too late . Some people immediately opened the door and jumped out, but some were also a bit too late and got crushed as the bus collided with the side of the SUV .

Those that didn’t come out in time were directly destroyed along with the SUV, dying a horrifying death .

The soldier that was lucky enough to make it out wanted to jump onto the bus, but right when he hung himself onto the driver’s window of the truck, Xu Cheng grabbed him by the neck and threw him off .

After taking care of the two cars from the 5th Division, Xu Cheng turned back onto his original route and drove towards the Brooklyn Bridge .

At this time, a large group of NY police vehicles began chasing after him, and the siren sounds exhilarated Xu Cheng .

After putting down the window, he reached out his hand to feel the coolness of the wind, as he raised his middle finger to the police cars chasing behind him .

A police car finally caught up with the bus, and Xu Cheng just swirled the steering wheel to the left, directly slamming the police car away .

Along the way, all the vehicles on the road rushed to make way to avoid any impact, and those that couldn’t clear out of the way in time were bumped to the side by the bus . The whole scene looked like a Hollywood movie, and the police were obviously portrayed as useless once again .

In the sky, the military helicopters roared to the scene .

They attempted to open fire towards the front of the bus . The windshield and roof of the bus became filled with bullet holes, and Xu Cheng directly slammed through all the obstacles, swirling the steering wheel to the side as he reached the center of the bridge . Then, breaking through the railing, he took the whole bus underwater .


The bus fell directly into the water and began to slowly sink . As for Xu Cheng, he swam out of the seat like a fish in water and left the scene, leaving behind a big mess .

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