Chapter 525.2: 525.2

Chapter 525: Other People Can’t Do It, I Can (Part Two)

Jackman: “Still… not yet . ”

The Higher-up: “Where’s Hawking?”

Jackman: “Still… missing . ”

Veins began popping out on the higher-up’s forehead . “The suspect drove the bus into the river, it’s impossible that he could have survived . If Hawking’s on the bus, he would be dead for sure too! Where’s the suspect’s body? Did the autopsy report come out? Who did it?”

Jackman directly became silent . He looked at his superiors as he was covered in sweat, and he didn’t dare to speak more .

“What?” The five superiors narrowed their eyes .

“We still haven’t found the body, so we weren’t able to identify him yet . ”


The five superiors all slammed down onto the conference table at once .

“Haven’t found him? Then how the fack do you expect us to answer the State Department and the UK? If there’s no evidence of a third-party being involved, you think the UK would believe us?”

Jackman said awkwardly, “Can’t we just find some scapegoats from prison?”

The Superior: “But the key is, where’s Hawking? And how are you going to explain to them why your guys opened fire when there was a hostage on the bus? You want the whole world to know that our police force is so reckless and impotent that they were unable to even consider the hostage’s safety? Tell me, you want us to take the blame for you? The police want us, the CIA, to give them an answer . The citizens are all furious about the situation . The British side connected the two incidents and heavily suspected Hawking being inside that vehicle, and the people that were dead on that bus were your guys, those that kidnapped Hawking at the airport . The British side is confronting us about it already, so we must not expose that the people dead on that bus were our CIA agents, you got that? Actually, you don’t need to get it anymore . You can go retire now . ”

Just then, an agent came in and said, “We found a line of words written behind one of our guys’ back . ”

The superiors at the table immediately asked, “What does it say?”

“Uhm… It said, Go eat a d-ck, 5th Division . ”

“Motherfacker!” They slapped onto the table furiously again .

– At the M-Nation and Mexico border –

Watching the news, Hawking asked Li Wei, “Is he dead? Are you guys terrorists?”

Li Wei: “We aren’t terrorists . We just have the capabilities, ambition, and feel that we can’t live our lives in vain . We want to change this world, that’s all . ”

Hawking shook his head . “You guys won’t be able to change anything, this world won’t change . Your friend just did something very stupid, and I don’t even know what he does . Do you want me to sympathize with him now after watching this?”

Li Wei: “Nope, just want you to see his capabilities . ”

Hawking: “I don’t see anything . This kind of suicidal act is just stupid . ”

“Who said I committed suicide?” At this time, Xu Cheng suddenly walked in .

Hawking’s eyes stared wide open as he looked at him . “You… didn’t you fall off the bridge on the bus and die? Impossible! You couldn’t have survived the impact, nor could you have escaped from the search!”

Xu Cheng: “Other people can’t, but I can . ”

He took off of all of his clothes underwater, and when the whole riverside area was under lockdown, he just walked past those soldiers butt-naked right in front of their face! Those guys were still trying to look for his body .

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