Chapter 527.2: 527.2

Chapter 527: Getting Ready to Go to the Land of Mercenaries (Part Two)

Li Wei awkwardly said, “About the size of a small town, estimated to be about 1 million square meters . ”

Hawking laughed . “Are there any fortresses on there that’s easy to defend and hard to break through?”

Li Wei felt even more awkward . “There are just a few dilapidated houses, and they were also left behind from a couple of decades ago . There isn’t anyone living there anymore, so we temporarily settled in . ”

Hawking: “Then what the fack are we doing? If you guys were defeated and have to run, does that mean I have to give up my underground base and factory too? The other mercenary groups would occupy lands with great oil reserves, and you occupied a piece of land that not even birds would take a sh-t on? And you want to unify the nation? You guys would be screwed right away even if the other countries put economic sanctions on you . Mr . Xu, don’t blame me for not helping . Let’s talk after you get a foothold over there first . ”

Li Wei was embarrassed and didn’t say anymore .

“Old man, in the future I won’t allow you to say this kind of rhetoric in front of them that would affect their motivation . ” Xu Cheng said, “We will just conquer more land, what’s so difficult? Besides, if we built a base on such an abandoned place, the risk will be significantly smaller, since the other mercenaries wouldn’t even bother bullying or looting us . ”

Li Wei looked at Xu Cheng and asked, “Big Brother Cheng, are you planning to come to the Land of Mercenaries now?”

Xu Cheng nodded . “We will go and occupy our base camp first . Hawking can’t stay here . Once we meet real danger, we won’t be able to rely on the Mexican gangs . Figure out a way to get him over there first, I will be right there . ”

Li Wei happily nodded . “I will go back and tell Luo Yi . ”

Xu Cheng found a person that could help him solve the problem of getting a good engineering team, and that person was the filthy rich man, Haber .

If a problem could be solved by money, then it was not a problem . He believed that the people found by Haber would be reliable . Back then, if Haber was a big mouth, the word would’ve already gotten out when he told Haber about his plan to wipe out the Sanling Financial Group . But, he kept his mouth shut and kept that secret until now, it was clear that he was someone he could rely on .

After he called Haber, Haber couldn’t be more excited .

Ever since what happened back in the Wei Nation, Haber had always wanted to find a time to have a deep talk with Xu Cheng and ask him just how the fack did he manage to do all that . He also wanted to check to see if Xu Cheng was still alive .

“Come to Dubai, I will show you the most luxurious life here,” Haber said warmingly over the phone .

After hanging up the call, Xu Cheng called Lin Chuxue and asked, “Honey, let’s go have our honeymoon in Dubai . ”

“Don’t want to . I don’t want to attract too much attention for you,” Lin Chuxue said understandingly .

“No worries, I have a big heart . For whoever that dares to seduce you, I will face-slap him to death with my money . ” Xu Cheng said, “Let’s just take a break so we can work more efficiently later, come on . ”

“Then I will go if you can book the Burj Al Arab hotel, otherwise don’t interrupt my studies . I didn’t even get to graduate with my music diploma last time because I had to marry you and go to Huaxia with you!” Lin Chuxue snorted .

Xu Cheng felt guilty . He wanted to take this opportunity to really let Lin Chuxue have a good time . He indeed hadn’t taken Lin Chuxue to travel, so he wanted to make it up to her . So, he called Haber back . “My wife said she’s coming if you can get us a room at Burj Al Arab . ”

“That’s it? Is that even a challenge for me?” Haber said proudly, “In the future, don’t use that tone, because it would be humiliating if you think that’s difficult for me to do . I just need to give the word and the presidential suite will be reserved for you . Wait, you have a wife?”

Xu Cheng: “I can’t have a wife?”

Haber: “I mean, which woman would love a madman like you?”

Xu Cheng: “Just wait, I will show you the epitome of being low-profile . ”

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