Chapter 528.2: 528.2

Chapter 528: Just One Step Away from Transforming from Girl to Woman (Part Two)

Haber’s eyelids jumped . “Don’t tell me first, I’m a bit scared, man . Right now, I’m really scared of hearing from your mouth what you are going to do . Everything you facking do can shock the entire world, so I’m really scared of you coming to me for help, you know?”

Xu Cheng: “I don’t have many friends that I can rely on . ”

This sentence indeed was very useful on Haber . He laughed . “Woah dude, I know I am . To be able to be called a reliable friend by you means at least I have some use, haha . Since you are here for a couple of days, don’t worry about this for now . Does your wife know you are here for business or to take her out to play? I can see, outside of home, she listens to you on everything, but at home, it seems like she calls the shots . ”

Xu Cheng’s eyes opened wide . “How do you know?”

Haber laughed . “Because I am also this kind of good man . ”

Xu Cheng: “Don’t BS me . ”

Haber still glanced at Xu Cheng with a bit of uncertainty and asked, “She’s really your wife?”

“Do I have to show you my marriage certificate?” Xu Cheng was between laughter and tears . “Why do all men in this world ask me this question? Am I really that ugly?”

Haber pouted and said, “Did those men also never tell you that your wife still hasn’t lost her innocence? Are you the abnormal one or her? Or are you two just simply acting to be in a marriage?”

Xu Cheng’s eyes got even bigger as he looked at Haber and said, “You can see through this too?”

“Of course! The transformation from a girl to a woman seems just one step away, but there’s actually a big difference, you know? A girl has her unique innocence, and you can clearly tell the difference from her eyes and demeanor . Did you not notice how many of the mature men that tried to court her addressed her as Miss Nicole?”

Xu Cheng was a bit stunned . So that was the case .

“Are you the not-okay one?” Haber looked at Xu Cheng with a bit of mockery .

“How the fack am I not okay? I just… I just only like girls, can’t that be the case? No, I think you are just blind,” Xu Cheng said .

Haber: “You facking pedo, I must not let you see my daughter . ”

“Fack off, I’m a man with principles,” Xu Cheng said .

In fact, he had a lot to worry about . There was a big secret he didn’t dare to tell anyone .

Why did he choose the Land of Mercenaries to be his home for development?

It was because if his secret really gets exposed and he became the mutant in other people’s eyes, then only the Land of Mercenaries would allow for his existence .

What Dr . Koman said was still lingering in his heart . Gene contamination could cause death .

After spending an afternoon chilling at Haber’s house, at night, Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue arrived at the Burj Al Arab hotel . When they walked into their room, a subtle feeling made them both a bit awkward .

It was because the whole room only had one big bed, and there was a candle-light dinner prepared on the terrace outside . A petal bath had been set up, and the sweet aroma was emanating from the washroom .

Lin Chuxue was too shy and immediately lowered her head, put down her luggage, and went to take a bath . Xu Cheng walked to the table, and there was a card with Haber’s ugly-a$$ writing: Hope You Make That Step Forward Today .

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled

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