Chapter 530.2: 530.2

Chapter 530: I Want to Give You a Gift (Part Two)

Lin Chuxue gave him a weird look and then turned around and closed her eyes .

After about half an hour, she elbowed Xu Cheng with a blushed face and said, “Are you going to let me sleep or not?”

Xu Cheng, in fact, hadn’t slept yet, and he said in confusion, “I’m just hugging you and sleeping . ”

Lin Chuxue gritted her teeth . “I’m telling you to not poke me down there!”

Xu Cheng awkwardly coughed .

“It’s okay, I’m just poking around, I won’t do anything . It will calm down in a bit . ” Xu Cheng hugged her, and he could constantly smell the light fragrance from Lin Chuxue’s hair and body, and the truth was, he couldn’t calm down at all .

Xu Cheng began to regret it .

How could he hold this in?

In fact, Lin Chuxue couldn’t calm down at all . She was still a girl that hadn’t experienced any of that . Being hugged by the man she loved, how could she fall asleep when there was such a kind of subtle sensation inside her? Not knowing what was going on, she also began feeling a bit excited .

Especially when she heard Xu Cheng carefully swallowing his spittle, it made her heart beat even faster .

That kind of anticipation and nervous feeling made her breath a bit faster too .

Holy crap, what exactly is this [email protected] doing?

If you are going to sleep, just sleep! Why are you moving around with a big pole? Your hand is also subconsciously moving around on my tummy against the pajama!

“Xu Cheng, if you still aren’t going to sleep, then I’m really kicking you off the bed to make you sleep on the floor!” Lin Chuxue pretended to be a bit angry .

“Honey, I remembered it’s Women’s Day today, I’m sorry I didn’t give you a gift yet,” Xu Cheng tried to change the topic .

“No need, it’s already so deep into the night . I’m still a girl, not a woman, you got the wrong person . ” Lin Chuxue snorted and said, “Also, get your hand away . I’m going to sleep now . ”

Xu Cheng: “It’s fine, I’m afraid that you might not feel comfortable and secure sleeping on an unfamiliar bed, so I will just hug you . ”

Lin Chuxue gritted her teeth . “I think the one that’s making me most insecure is you . Get away from me . ”

Xu Cheng: “I… Honey, I think I will still give you a present . ”

Then, Xu Cheng got off the bed .

Lin Chuxue was curious as to what kind of liquid got into his brain again, just what was he trying to pull now?

Xu Cheng couldn’t take it anymore . In the past, he was still struggling about whether to do it or not, but now, after sleeping in the same bed with her, he realized that this kind of subtle feeling was impossible to tolerate .

He couldn’t take it anymore . Whatever, he will just use a condom .

Then, he picked up a pack from the table, turned off all lights in the room, and then pounced onto the bed .

“The present’s here!”

Lin Chuxue was so startled that she subconsciously grabbed the quilt to cover herself . But who knew, Xu Cheng grabbed the quilt right out from her hands . She went from passive to half-answering, to responding . That night, that room finally got some action .

Deep into the night, Xu Cheng smiled at Lin Chuxue, who was cuddling in his arms like a little lamb, and said, “Happy Women’s Day . ”

Lin Chuxue blushed as she lightly hit Xu Cheng on the chest . Then, feeling exhausted, she quickly fell asleep .

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