Chapter 534.2: Chapter 534.2 - Bang Nation (Part Two)

Chapter 534: Bang Nation (Part Two)

“Since Young Master Lee, you are doing me a favor, let’s just not argue anymore, alright? Tonight should be a pleasant night for everyone, right?” Haber tried to diffuse the intense atmosphere .

Xu Cheng took a glass of red wine from the waiter and just enjoyed it himself, too lazy to reply to the Young Master Lee .

Haber found a seat and joined the round .

He said to Xu Cheng, “If you want to play, tell my assistant . He will exchange some chips for you . ”

Xu Cheng nodded . “It’s fine, I will just watch . ”

Young Master Lee said in a mocking tone, “This cruise is membership-based, I think you probably just followed Mr . Haber up, right? Interesting, another leecher from Huaxia? I can’t say I’m surprised . You might just be able to use your words, but in fact, there’s no substance backing it . In this world, those without money will still have to suck up to others!”

Xu Cheng faintly smiled . “It’s not like those with money have everyone sucking up to them . Those that have everyone sucking up to him often don’t need bodyguards . ”

Young Master Li laughed and said, “Haha, but you might be even worse than him . Do you know my bodyguard’s salary?”

Xu Cheng faintly smiled . “I don’t know about that, I just know your bodyguard won’t be able to protect you at all, do you believe it?”

Young Master Li sneered . “It’s fortunate that you are not from my nation . If you were to say those kinds of words to me there, I can make you regret being born from your mom’s womb at any minute . ”

Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes and looked at him, bursting out a sharp gaze . He still carried a faint smile on his face and said, “We are not even in international waters yet . Just wait a bit, and then why don’t you try saying that again?”

Young Master Li’s face suddenly changed .

Xu Cheng immediately laughed . “Got scared? Can’t even take a joke? Look at your face, don’t be so nervous . I’m not that kind of person . Besides, we aren’t even in international waters yet, right? Don’t worry, if you have anything else to say, hurry up . Otherwise, maybe not even the Arabian law can save you . ”

“Threatening me?” Young Master Li snorted . “You think I would be scared? It’s better to keep your mouth shut, or don’t blame me for throwing you into the water to feed the sharks regardless of whether you are Mr . Haber’s friend .

Then, behind him, his bodyguard said somberly, “Buddy, let me introduce myself . I’m from the Blackwater corp . If you continue to provoke and threaten my employer, be aware that I might break your bones . After going into international waters, it should be you that’s afraid . ”

“Blackwater?” Xu Cheng patted himself on the head . “I remember now . In the past, I also met a guy that hired a bodyguard from Blackwater . But, the grass above their grave is pretty tall now . ”

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