Chapter 535.2: Chapter 535.2 - Fully Confident (Part Two)

Chapter 535: Fully Confident (Part Two)

Haber’s eyelids jumped . “How can I be more capricious?”

Xu Cheng just pushed some chips into the middle for him . “50 million!”

Haber’s eyelids jumped again . “Oh sh-t, we doing this for real?”

Xu Cheng said, “Don’t worry, I promise you, that coward won’t even follow, because his hand is even worse than yours . ”

Young Master Lee obviously became discontent hearing that .

But 50 million… it wasn’t a small amount to him .

But in other words, if he won, that would be 50 million for him! It would indeed be a considerable amount of profit . It could basically cover all the expenses on this trip to Dubai and let him experience top-line luxuries basically for free .

“Mr . Haber, since when do you have to listen to another person’s orders when playing cards?” Young Master Lee smiled and then looked over at Xu Cheng and said, “Brat, have you ever been to the casino before? Have you played before? You even dare to teach other people?”

“I can still beat you even if I don’t know how to play . ” Xu Cheng smiled . “If you want to follow then follow, what’s with the nonsense? This isn’t a Poker tournament, there are no cameras rolling to document your card-playing and acting skills . If you want to play then just continue, or else just fold . ”

“You!” Young Master Lee was again infuriated by how the man was disrespecting him . He pushed a pile of chips in right away . “50 million, I will toy you to death today . ”

Right after he did that, Xu Cheng directly pushed another pile worth 50 million forward . “Follow . ”

Seeing how Xu Cheng didn’t even show any signs before suddenly pushing in another 50 million, Young Master Lee was a bit dumbfounded seeing how arrogant he was .

Xu Cheng laughed and said to Haber, “Damnn, I’ve finally experienced what it’s like to be filthy rich . That kind of feeling, just tossing money over without a second word, awesome!”

Haber bitterly smiled . “Bro, you had your fun, but you are facking using my money…”

“Don’t worry, to thank you for bringing me tonight, I will give you compensation . ” Xu Cheng faintly smiled . He looked over at the Young Master Lee and said, “If you aren’t following just fold; stop contemplating life over there, no one has the patience to wait for you . Tonight, I will guarantee the rest of your night is a tragedy . ”

Young Master Lee immediately pushed in 100 million and said, “Reveal . I don’t want to win more of Mr . Haber’s money, I will let you off the hook this time . ”

Then, he flipped over his pair of Aces .

Xu Cheng patted Haber on the shoulder and smiled and said, “You can take your money now . I won’t troll you, don’t worry . ”

Seeing the win by a narrow margin, and how the win was worth 150 million for him, he immediately laughed, flipped over his hand, and reached out to grab those chips .

“I did forget that I heard you won 3 billion from Las Vegas not long ago, that was you right?” Haber began squinting his eyes and making all kinds of expressions as he said to Xu Cheng .

“Low-key, low-key . ” Xu Cheng patted him on the shoulder .

Right now was not his time to reel in the rod . Young Master Lee hasn’t gotten emotional yet . When he loses enough, he would want to win all the money back, and that’s when he would lose his mind . What was the textbook example of how not to gamble? Xu Cheng would make him into the perfect example tonight as he slowly toyed him into poverty .

After losing that money, Young Master Lee’s heart ached . But, he then carefully checked out Xu Cheng and said to the casino staff, “Please check this man to see if he has any cheating devices . ”

The staff came over, and Haber immediately angrily said, “What is the meaning of this? He’s my friend!”

Young Master Lee: “Mr . Haber, it’s not that I don’t trust you, but we’ve never seen this man before, so we should follow the protocol . ”

Xu Cheng smiled . “No worries, you guys can check . ”

Then, with the detector, the staff searched and scanned Xu Cheng’s whole body, including his irises and ears, and everything checked out . Even his phone and wallet were checked .

“No problem, Mr . Lee,” the staff nodded at Young Master Lee and said .

Young Master Lee nodded . “Alright, then let’s continue . ”

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