Chapter 544.2: Chapter 544.2 - Pirates (Part Two)

Chapter 544: Pirates (Part Two)

Haber coldly looked at them . “What do you think you are doing? You must know that this cruise is our king’s ship . ”

The bodyguard: “I know, but we have left the Persian Gulf . This belongs to international waters, and we are no longer subject to the laws of your UAE . ”

Haber: “But this ship still has our rules . If you dare to hurt our guest, that would be disrupting our business . ”

Xu Cheng looked at Young Master Lee and asked, “You mean, if I say no, your bodyguard would shoot me? There are so many people here, all rich and powerful, you think you can shoulder the aftermath of killing me?”

Young Master Lee: “So don’t force me . ”

Immediately, the security guards of this cruise rushed into the casino . There were over a dozen of them, although not fully armed, all of them still carried guns . They all pointed at the bodyguard and prevented him from doing anything reckless .

The bodyguard immediately raised his arm and gun into the air . “Wow, this ship indeed has guards and is even armed . I was just saying, how could there not be any security when there are so many rich and powerful people on board . ”

“Drop your weapon, you better not cause any trouble . ” The captain of the security team pointed his gun at Young Master Lee’s bodyguard and warned, “This is international waters, we have legitimate reasons to execute you on the spot . ”

The bodyguard said, “I won’t do anything reckless, but you guys better not do anything reckless too . Besides being a bodyguard, I’m also a citizen of the M Nation . ”

Just then, commotion took place from all sides of the ship, and gunshots were heard from both the deck and interior of the ship .

“What’s going on? Hurry and go out to check . ” Haber was shocked, and so were the guests .

Just then, the door of the casino was kicked open, and more than 20 armed men rushed in, directly opening fire on those security guards . The crowd screamed right away, and everyone tried to find some cover to hide; the scene instantly sank into chaos .

Haber immediately blurted out, “Fack, it’s pirates!”

After killing off the security guards, the big burly pirate captain carrying a miniature Gatling gun laughed heartily . Thick smoke rolled out from his mouth as he took a sip of his cigar and said, “Hello everyone, believe me, this is the biggest kidnapping case I’ve done in my entire life . Haha, it definitely feels good!”

Many Middle Eastern tycoons were surprised as one shouted in shock, “How did you manage to enter this area of the sea? You’ve violated international law!”

“Enter what area of the sea?” That burly man tsked tsked and said, “Who’s the one in charge here? He’s so careless . Don’t you guys even know that the captain of this ship was bribed? Open up your eyes, this cruise of yours has entered the Land of Mercenaries’ pirate territory of the Persian Gulf . ”

Everyone was shocked .

Haber shouted, “What pirate group do you belong to? We can definitely negotiate a price, but I hope you won’t make it difficult for the members on our cruise . Just do our UAE a favor . ”

“Do you guys a favor?” That burly boss of the pirates laughed hysterically . “This is the funniest joke I’ve heard in a while . Someone actually asked us outlaws to do them a favor . How much is a favor to the UAE worth? Let me tell you, we’ve been eyeing this ship for a long time now . From the club’s internal members, we knew that this ship would set sail once every year with its esteemed members, and who are those members? They are all the filthy rich tycoons of Asia and the Middle East . This is completely like a walking golden vault, and we’ve finally caught it today after a long-azz time of preparation!”

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