Chapter 547.2: Chapter 547.2 - Eerie (Part Two)

Chapter 547: Eerie (Part Two)

The two guys responsible for the monitoring room tsked tsked and said, “Alright, wait a second . When did you think you lost it?”

“I felt like I just played with it ten minutes ago, but I don’t know why it’s missing now . ”

The two guys rewound the recording to ten minutes ago and exclaimed, “Yeah, it was still there 10 minutes ago . ”

Then, the two kept on playing the footage, but just as a few more minutes passed, the dagger on this mercenary suddenly flew out by itself, and they were immediately dumbfounded .


Just when they were about to pick up the mic again to talk, the dagger suddenly floated behind one of those guys’ neck and sliced it right open . Then, Xu Cheng covered the mouth of the other guy, not letting him make even a sound .

That mercenary’s eyes were wide open with fear . Why fear? Because he didn’t see anything in the room, yet his comrade died right in front of him, and now his mouth seemed to have been grabbed by a domineering force . Not knowing what was going on was what induces the most fear .

The dagger that sliced his comrade’s throat began floating again, and in his eyes, he saw that the floating dagger slowly flew at him and just dug straight into his heart . After a second, he also fell to the ground .

Then, Xu Cheng turned off the entire monitoring system, broke the computer with his fist, and then went into the darkness with the dagger, preparing to begin his reaping of lives .

There were 8 floors in total on this cruise, and each floor had about 15 or so mercenaries on guard or looting . Especially for the bedroom areas on the top three floors, they would break into every room to loot whatever valuable things they managed to find .

However, what they didn’t know was that there was an invisible grim reaper roaming among them . As people barged into bedrooms to search, Xu Cheng would follow them in . Then, no matter how many went in, all of them would have their throat sliced in there and never get to come out . Then, Xu Cheng would close the door behind him and turn on his penetrating vision to search for the next batch of prey . It was like a cheating software was turned on in a first-person shooter game; all walls and barriers could be seen through in Xu Cheng’s eyes .

There were about 150 mercenaries outside, and there were 60 in the casino . Xu Cheng already calculated before that with the current queue order and how behind Lin Chuxue and Haber were in the queue of over 300 guests, it would take probably half an hour before it gets to their turn . To Xu Cheng, it was more than enough to take care of those 150 mercenaries within half an hour .

The more troublesome thing was to temporarily hide the corpses because he must not let the mercenaries patrolling outside notice and alert the guys inside, or they may immediately use the cruise guests as hostages . That would make it a lot more difficult for Xu Cheng to rescue them and hinder his plan to finish this whole thing quickly .

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