Chapter 557.2: Chapter 557.2 - What a Manly Man (Part Two)

Chapter 557: What a Manly Man (Part Two)

Luo Yi just smiled and didn’t reply as he continued to drive . When the cars drove to be a thousand meters away from the bandits, he stopped the car .

After the other trucks stopped too, Luo Yi said to the other mercenaries in the group, “Change the tires that were popped earlier . ”

“Here? You aren’t scared that those bandits will catch up?” some people asked, a bit confused . They were still too close to the bandits right now .

Luo Yi didn’t respond, just watching the distance as the bandits surrounded a person in the middle . He said, “Prepare a car to go and pick him up after . Send two more people there along to pick up all of their guns . ”

The other guys were quite confused and they stared off into the direction that Luo Yi was looking at .

Xu Cheng was completely surrounded by over 40 guys, and that meant, someone could shoot a bullet at the back of his head at any time . In this kind of situation, no one could escape from it at all .

“There’s probably one person that’s capable of being this kind of solo hero, and that would be the King of Mercenaries . If your boss dies, does that mean our Deviant Corp will be disbanded?” Chris asked Luo Yi, “Have you thought about letting me be the boss? Don’t worry, I can lead you guys to a better future . ”

Luo Yi didn’t look at him but responded, “If you want to be the Deviant Corp’s boss, you are still not qualified . If it were you, in that kind of situation, what would you do?”

Chris: “Probably the same as him, trading life with those bandits’ boss . But, if I’m lucky, I could take down at least two people! Oh well, in this kind of situation, you could be shot full of holes in just one second . I would already be considered skilled enough to take down 2 before I die . ”

Luo Yi looked into the distance and faintly said, “Those people will all die . ”

“You are saying your boss can come out of that safe and sound?”

Luo Yi nodded . “Just wait and see . ”

Just then, several gunshots sounded, accompanied by horses neighing and people screaming miserably .

But from Luo Yi and the others’ point of view, they could only see dust waves setting off . Several horses seemed to have had their legs sliced as they fell . There were gunshots constantly firing towards the center of the encirclement .

With the horses and people surrounding Xu Cheng, Luo Yi and the others couldn’t see Xu Cheng at all . But with more and more horses falling down and miserable cries one after another, after a full 3 minutes, there were several horses left that panickingly ran away .

Then, with everyone on the ground, there was just one left standing there .

Luo Yi saw it was pretty much over so he started the car and drove over . Chris and some other mercenaries jumped on .

When they got to the scene, they saw that the 40 or so bodies formed a little pile, and Xu Cheng sat at the top of the pile, with a cigarette lit as he blew smoke gracefully . With the blowing gust of sand, his eyes were deep as ever .

So facking masculine .

This was the first time Chris and the others were deeply impressed by this boss of Deviant Corp

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