Chapter 559.2: Chapter 559.2 - Big Brother Cheng, I’m Really a Good Sniper (Part Two)

Chapter 559: Big Brother Cheng, I’m Really a Good Sniper (Part Two)

Kurt, Vala, Dusener, Zhang Xiu, Mario, Chekov . Xu Cheng didn’t need too many people, but he needed the best of the best!

Chris just stood there and looked at those guys . He grabbed the cash that was given to him and left without even looking back . In the near future, when they met again, he felt that leaving today was the biggest mistake he had ever made in his life . He chose to live a nobody-life over staying behind and later on becoming the core members of the most feared organization in the world .

– Night time –

There were nine of them in total .

Xu Cheng, Luo Yi, Li Wei, and the 6 new members that just officially joined . The nine of them were standing around a bonfire looking at the map that Luo Yi had gathered before . Chekov and the others had already prepared all the weapons; armed from top to bottom, they were ready to go .

Seeing how serious they were, Mr . Hawking walked over and asked, “Are the 9 of you really planning to go and start a war? Are your brains still working? They have a mercenary group of about 300 people, and even if they fire with their eyes closed, they can stomp you . Before you guys can even get close, maybe when your car just gets to the door, you would’ve already met with a bazooka . ”

Xu Cheng: “Old man, I said I won’t allow you to say anything in front of me that affects morale . ”

Hawking shrugged his shoulders . “Then you guys continue . I’ve just never seen such a one-sided battle . ”

Xu Cheng: “If we don’t come back tonight, you can leave this place . ”

Then, he got up, carrying five sniper rifles by himself .

Chekov was also carrying a sniper rifle . Seeing that Xu Cheng was also a fellow sniper, he felt a bit closer to this Big Brother Cheng so he curiously asked, “Big Brother Cheng, you are a sniper too?”

Xu Cheng smiled and reminded them, “Tonight, you guys just need to reap lives all you want from outside the door . Remember, don’t do anything risky . I will lure them out . Chekov, you don’t need to use the sniper rifle tonight . Follow them and try out the machine gun, it’s a great feeling . ”

Chekov said proudly, “But I was born a sniper . ”

Li Wei and Luo Yi smiled and didn’t say anything .

Chekov lifted his eyebrows . “Don’t believe me? How about I show off a few shots? Go and ask Mario and the others, which one of them doesn’t admire my sniping skills?”

Zhang Xiu and the others nodded . “He’s indeed quite good . Many times, we were barely able to escape all thanks to Chekov covering us from afar . Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here today . ”

“Oh, really?” Xu Cheng smiled . “Then I will take a look some other day . Alright, just follow the game plan . Double-check your equipment, we will leave in 10 minutes . Let me emphasize this again, in the future, following orders is your top priority!”

Chekov hurriedly said, “Big Brother Cheng, I’m really very skilled, just let me be responsible for covering our retreat . ”

Li Wei smiled and interrupted him . “We know you are good, but you don’t have to be eager to show your skills . Just see what happens tonight first . After tonight, you will know, there will always be someone better than the best . ”

Luo YI also chimed in . “Big Brother Cheng’s sniper isn’t used to cover a retreat . Tonight, you will also find out yourself . ”

Chekov just really wanted to prove his capabilities to his new boss to improve his impression of him, but it wasn’t a must for tonight . But, after what happened that night, he had quite a bit of trouble looking at sniper rifles the same again . It was indeed a terrifying nightmare .

That textbook-like performance by Xu Cheng back in the day during the military contest later became a must-watch material in any military . It was like a grand mountain that no sniper could climb over .

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