Chapter 560.2: Chapter 560.2 - Night Attack (Part Two)

Chapter 560: Night Attack (Part Two)

Looking from afar, he saw that there were about a dozen soldiers standing on the walls by the main gate, facing different directions . There were also four standing by the gate, fully armed .

The team guarding the gate was already about 20 people in size, and looking back on their side, 9 people!

Mario immediately swallowed his spittle and couldn’t help but ask, “Big Brother Cheng, are you sure you want to do this?”

Xu Cheng already left and went to a dark area not far away . He was about a kilometer away from the gate as he hid himself . Hearing his teammate asking this question, he laughed and said, “Didn’t Luo Yi want us to put our name out there? We will take this land and swap out their flag with ours after we are done . ”

Chekov bitterly smiled . He was also from the R Nation, and also being in the land for a long time, he knew very well what Falcon had .

“9 against 300, we can’t fight them head on . We can only sneak attack them . ” He asked Xu Cheng, “Big Brother Cheng, have you thought about how we are going to defend this place even if we manage to take this place tonight?”

Xu Cheng: “If a team could take down a city with 300 mercenaries, would other people think we only have 9 mercenaries guarding the city?”

Chekov: “But we indeed only have 9 armed guys . ”

Xu Cheng: “You haven’t heard of the Empty City Bluff strategy, right? (TL Note: it’s an idiom from ancient China where a person was able to defend the city by just opening the door, making the enemies think it must’ve been a trap) We will take it down first . The annual military practice isn’t going to be for awhile . Later on, when the R Nation realizes it, we would already be expanded, what would we be afraid of by then? Tonight, it’s not just about taking this land, but also to boost all of our confidence . This is our first battle . You guys can find a good angle, and later, when I lure them out, just vent out all of the anger and suffering you guys had to bear over these years on whoever you see . Especially you, Chekov, no need to be polite about it . ”

Chekov bitterly smiled . “I do want to vent, but the thing is, if they chase out and come after us… Big Brother Cheng, you really think letting Little Dong go back was a good idea? He’s the only driver we got, how are we going to run now that he’s gone?”

Luo Yi scolded him, “Run your azz, you don’t know Big Brother Cheng . Since we are here, we aren’t going back without victory . The reason he told Little Dong to drive the car off was to cut us off of all ways of retreat and let us focus on taking down the enemy . We will either take this land or report to Jesus tonight . ”

“Quiet down, get ready,” Xu Cheng interrupted them .

Then, from the scope, he looked at the situation inside the town hall .

There were several big housing yards, and since it was very hot, most people were out with their tops off . Some were BBQing by the bonfire, and some were playing cards .

Xu Cheng tried to find the leader of the Falcon Clan . After activating his penetrating vision, he found the man in a house . He didn’t have a clear angle to the shot at all, and the wall was too thick to shoot through . So, this target could be dismissed for now, and he turned to the deputy boss of the clan .

He was a big muscular man with a crap ton of chest hair, looking very fierce . He was playing cards, and he seemed to have a hot temper . Xu Cheng saw from afar that he was talking a lot with intense emotion at the card game .

The Third boss in command .

The Fourth .

Almost all the core members of Falcon were locked on by Xu Cheng .

There were five of them in total .

Xu Cheng laid down all five snipers in position, prepared all the ammo . There were 500 bullets, and if he couldn’t kill 300 people with them, it would only mean he sucked .

Gently stroking the sniper rifle, Xu Cheng smiled . “It’s been a while . ”

Kacha . With the bullet pumped into the chamber, Xu Cheng took aim at his first target – the second boss in command .

“Too much talking, you can shut up now . ”

A loud bang broke the tranquility of the night .

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