Chapter 566.2: Chapter 566.2 - The Ryong Family’s Dragon Clan Mercenary Group (Part Two)

Chapter 566: The Ryong Family’s Dragon Clan Mercenary Group (Part Two)

Going by headcount was one way to limit small clans from growing . After all, small clans didn’t have much money, and they didn’t make much from robbing and killing . If they want to expand their clan, they must pay a bigger protection fee that they wouldn’t be able to afford . Without money, they also couldn’t expand . This was just a strategy for big clans to control the size of smaller ones so they didn’t grow out of control .

If you started having more and more people and were able to fund them all, then they would know that you probably found crude oil or some type of mine . They would then take down the clan all together and have the cake all to themselves .

“We have 9 mercenaries in total right now, how much?”

“What? 9?” The baldie laughed . “Who are you joking? 9 people could take down Falcon? I can already see from here that there are more than 9 . We are going in to count . ”

Xu Cheng said, “They are all engineers we invited in to build stuff . ”

Baldie: “That counts too!”

Xu Cheng directly blocked the road ahead of the pickup truck . Lifting his chin slightly, he looked at the baldie with a dangerous gaze, and the latter also looked down at him .

“If you don’t want our Dragon Clan to stomp you into your own ground, you better not use that arrogant look with me . ”

Luo Yi pulled Xu Cheng back and whispered to remind him, “Big Brother Cheng, just bear with it for now . It’s not time for us to make them our enemy yet . ”

Xu Cheng finally moved his body out of the way, and the trucks directly drove past him and stopped at the center of the city . Then, those mercenaries from the Dragon Clan arrogantly walked around the city and began counting .

The baldie stood at the top of the car and looked at him and said, “You better behave in the future . This isn’t like in Huaxia where you can call the police . Sometimes, trouble could come because you were moving your mouth too . In the future, it’s best that you cooperate with us, and pay however much you need to pay . Or, you can also tell us that you don’t need the Dragon Clan’s protection, and I believe those homeless mercenary groups out there would love to come and knock to take over your home . ”

At this time, his men came to report the number .

The bald man snorted at Xu Cheng and said, “You have to pay 500 thousand in total, in three months . Also, why did you get so many engineers? Let me tell you, without our permission, you are not allowed to build the town to a certain size, nor can you turn the city into one focused on business, got it?”

“They are just here to build some better places to live . We won’t do any of those things you mentioned,” Xu Cheng said, growing a bit impatient .

“That’s for the best then . ”

Just then, someone came over and said, “Boss, we found a hole . ”

The baldie directly jumped off of the truck and was about to head over, but Xu Cheng suddenly pulled him back and said, “It’s just a hole for us to store firearms, no need to make a fuss about it . ”

“Oh really?” The baldie grew a bit suspicious . “Then why are you nervous?”

He insisted on going over .

Xu Cheng grabbed his arm instantly, using a ton of force . His eyes and aura were giving off strong murderous intent, enough to make the baldie feel like he was suffocating . He felt like he couldn’t move anymore .

“I said, don’t go over!” Xu Cheng reminded him again .

The baldie swallowed his spittle . After staring at Xu Cheng for a bit, he finally said to his subordinates, “Come back, we are done here .

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